Improve Usability of Your Qualtrics Survey

Ah, that satisfying feeling. That moment when you finish constructing a Qualtrics survey and send it off to collect feedback feels great. But wait, did you unintentionally make the survey more difficult for some users to complete? Did you know that some Qualtrics question types can’t be read with assistive technology used by people with disabilities?

Thankfully, Qualtrics makes it easy to check and improve the accessibility of your survey. Their Check Survey Accessibility page shows how to use their built-in checker. When in Edit Survey, select Advanced Options. From the drop down menu, select Check Survey Accessibility. (See Figure 1.)


If potential problems are found within the survey, the checker will notify you with suggested improvements. By clicking on a suggestion, the checker takes you to the location where changes can be made. Implementing the suggested changes will make the survey more accessible to individuals with disabilities.

In addition to survey questions, the checker will make suggestions for other areas, too. One common example is a suggestion to change the text of the Next and Previous buttons. The default text is >> and <<, which isn’t helpful to a blind user; she would hear “greater than greater than” or “less than less than” read aloud by assistive technology.

And that satisfying feeling? Chances are you will feel it even more strongly knowing that your survey can be used by ALL of your readers.


Writer: Dean Brusnighan, ITaP Assistive Technology Specialist

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