Creating a Complete/Incomplete assignment option in Blackboard Learn

Instructors sometimes ask,  “How can I create an assignment in Blackboard Learn that isn’t graded?”

It is possible to create a check mark in your Grade Center indicating a task is completed without assigning a grade value.  The trick is setting that part up after you have created the assignment.  To have an entry that looks like the image below in your Grade Center, you need to set up the assignment as normal, which requires you to enter some value in the Points Possible field.

image of check mark in grade column




After you have the assignment created, go to that column in your Grade Center.  Select Edit Column Information from the column header drop down menu.  As you scroll through your options, under Primary Display, you will notice an option for Complete/Incomplete.  You may select that option now and change your Points Possible to zero or another desired value.

complete and incomplete option in primary display






Remember to click the Submit button to save your changes. You will now be able to click in the grade cell and add a check mark for students who have completed the assigned task.


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