Student Redesign: Resources to help Students be Successful

In my previous post, I discussed how there exists a shared responsibility between the University and its students with regard to their success.  In this post, I’d like to share a list of resources to which students can be referred.

Academic Advisors

A student’s academic advisor can often provide the best information with regard to how a student’s performance is going to affect their overall academic career. Each college, school, or department has its own advisors, and most students should know where their advisor’s office is located.

Academic Success Center

Purdue’s Academic Success Center provides 8- and 16-week classes focused on study skills and reading skills. In addition, they offer free workshops throughout the semester, as well as walk-in consultations to help students be more successful in their studies.

Division of Financial Aid

Often times, students struggle academically because of financial issues. Counselors in the Financial Aid office can work with students to find additional financial aid resources for them, or help them better understand the aid they’re receiving.

Office of the Dean of Students

Purdue’s Office of the Dean of Students offers a range of programs designed to assist students with their personal and academic needs. Personal counseling is available, as are tutors and academic assistance.  Specific resources are offered for adult students through the Span Plan.


An illness – whether physical or psychological – can impact how a student performs in the classroom. Referring a student to the resources available through PUSH, including Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), can help a student identify what’s wrong and aid in their recovery.

Science and Technology Resource Rooms

The Colleges of Science and Technology offer assistance via help and resource rooms, including biology, chemistry, electrical engineering technology, and math.

Supplemental Instruction

Coordinated by Student Access, Transition and Success Programs, Supplemental Instruction (SI) helps students succeed in historically difficult courses.  Students who received an A in the class are trained as peer instructors and are placed back in the classroom to observe the lecture again. Then, they offer out-of-class sessions designed to reinforce and supplement the faculty members’ lectures. Research has indicated that SI participants earn between one-half to one-full letter grade higher than their non-participating peers. A list of courses involved with SI can be found at

University Residences

The professional and student staff in the residence halls exist to assist students in becoming integrated to Purdue. Residential Life Managers, Staff Residents, and Resident Assistants can be excellent resources for students who seem to be struggling in your classes.

Writing Lab

Purdue’s Writing Lab, and the Online Writing Lab (OWL), are excellent resources to assist students with their writing skills. The physical lab is on the second floor of Heavilon Hall.

This is just a smattering of the resources available to students across campus. Please feel free to post additional resources in the comments.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Office of the Dean of Students also offers resources for students with disabilities through the Disability Resource Center.

  2. Jenni Dolick says:

    Peer Ombudsman, Student Organizations (GetInvolved)

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