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Providing Online Office Hours Using Adobe Connect

Providing office hours to students can be expanded into an online environment. Thanks to fast connection speeds at Purdue, students can communicate with you, the professor, in real time. Anymore, students use their laptops and tablets to interact with their … Continue reading

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Instructor Presence in an Online Course

Presence is the most important best practice for an online course (Boettcher & Conrad, 2010, p. 53) Research has shown that an important component in students ‘performance in and satisfaction with their online course is the active participation of the … Continue reading

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Ten Things I’ve Learned Teaching Online

I’ve been teaching online courses for over 6 years now, and every semester it seems to be a new experience. Some semesters go smoothly, and other semesters present new opportunities for me to change my approaches. Regardless of every group … Continue reading

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Creating a Complete/Incomplete assignment option in Blackboard Learn

Instructors sometimes ask,  “How can I create an assignment in Blackboard Learn that isn’t graded?” It is possible to create a check mark in your Grade Center indicating a task is completed without assigning a grade value.  The trick is … Continue reading

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Evaluating Your Students- Blackboard Learn and its Underused Unique Feature- Part 1

Who viewed this item? What did students look at before test day? Are any of my students utilizing the resources I’ve posted? If you are the type of instructor who is asking these questions – it could be that you … Continue reading

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Tips for Creating Accessible Online Documents

Purdue’s Web Accessibility Committee recently published a new resource. It is designed to help faculty and staff author documents that are accessible to people with disabilities. A wide variety of documents created by Purdue faculty and staff are uploaded into … Continue reading

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Welcome to Purdue nanoHUB-U MOOCs

NanoHUB-U courses are massive open online courses (MOOCs) broadly accessible to students in any branch of science or engineering. ­­All courses are so far developed by Purdue University professors for worldwide audiences. Dr. Supriyo Datta, Thomas Duncan Distinguished Professor of … Continue reading

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What is a MOOC?

If you make your professional home in higher education, you probably have noticed an increasing surge in conversations around MOOCs, or —massive open online courses.  The conversations around MOOCs argue that they will transform higher education for both the better and … Continue reading

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