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Readers could easily label a web page called teachthought as one for a K12 audience. While I would argue that many resources designed for K12 adapt very well to the higher education world, this specific site has its hand on … Continue reading

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How is Student-Centered Instruction Different than Traditional Instruction?

Student-centered learning looks at where students are when they enter the classroom and attempts to customize teaching to allow students some freedom in choosing how to learn. This kind of teaching allows instructors to free themselves from the traditional lecture … Continue reading

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Laptops and Lectures: Mismatch or Opportunity?

Recently, while browsing through my Twitter feed, (@HuckAtPurdue ), I saw an article linked called “Why you should take notes by hand — not on a laptop”. The article was from June 2014, written by Joseph Stromberg.   The article was … Continue reading

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TED Talk Videos and Captioning

Using a TED Talk video in your classroom can engage your students. For that reason, using them is becoming more popular. If you plan to use a TED Talk video in your course, I highly recommend using the original video … Continue reading

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Tools of the Trade: The INNOVATE Teaching with Technology Website

One of the great benefits of the Internet Age has been the development of digital tools that will aid faculty in their ability to improve their teaching and engage students in learning. During a recent consultation, the faculty member with … Continue reading

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A Feedback Tool for Instructors: PassNote

PassNote is a student feedback tool designed to assist instructors in composing research-based messages that motivate students to academic action. Our goal in creating the tool was to address concerns several instructors brought to our attention related to the difficult … Continue reading

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Feedback: “Nice job. I enjoyed reading this. A-“

I took a cohort program for my master’s and had the same instructor for 4 or 5 courses. Each assignment was an essay. On every essay I got exactly the same feedback – absolutely no comments on grammar or specific … Continue reading

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Teaching From the Test: Exam Wrappers

As an educational technologist, I have the opportunity to consult with faculty members who want to know how they can best help students prepare for upcoming examinations. During our discussions, faculty members comment that students focus (obsess) on their test … Continue reading

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