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How to Create Your Own Professional Development Network Using Twitter

I used to subscribe to several academic magazines in an attempt to stay informed in the worlds of higher education, technology, and pedagogy. I stopped nearly all of those subscriptions the moment I started using Twitter as a resource-gathering tool. It … Continue reading

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Simple Thoughts for Simpler Times: ‘Think like a Student’

We all strive to create effective online learning content and experiences for students. Yet, when we are teaching content to students and designing our online course, it’s so easy to overwhelm students with lists and folders of materials, cross-links and … Continue reading

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Developing A Questioning Strategy

Developing A Questioning Strategy Many of the seminars I attend focus on the strategies instructors can employ to engage students in their own learning and enhance their learning outcomes. The appropriate use of questioning strategies by instructors is a method … Continue reading

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Morning Musings: FaceTime(beta) now available for Macs! Are you going to use it?

Officially launched yesterday shortly after their ‘Back to Mac’ release keynote, Apple has launched a beta release of FaceTime for Mac computers (Snow Leopard or higher).  The popular FaceTime video chat protocol was previously available for iPhone 4 and new … Continue reading

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Morning Musings: Facebook Apps in trouble over privacy breach

The Wall Street Journal has published an article detailing a new security breach with Facebook and its applications.  WSJ claims that some of the most popular applications on Facebook have been transmitting user identification data, something they are claiming affects everyone regardless … Continue reading

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Morning Musings: Apple is releasing the iPad on Verizon!

Good news for anyone looking to use the iPad on Verizon’s 3G network!  Apple and Verizon have just announced a partnership in releasing the iPad for Verizon Wireless customers this holiday season and bringing an end to AT&T exclusivity of … Continue reading

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Morning Musings: Do you have the new twitter yet?

It’s a little over 3 weeks since Twitter announced the new web interface for their popular social network, and as promised many users are now beginning to experience the “new” twitter.  The roll out for the new layout has been … Continue reading

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Morning Musings: Amazon launches Kindle for the Web

Amazon announced a further expansion for the Kindle platform jumping to a browser friendly format for the web. Already hitting most major mobile platforms, Amazon’s Kindle for the Web is currently in beta format allowing book previews and samples to … Continue reading

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