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Readers could easily label a web page called teachthought as one for a K12 audience. While I would argue that many resources designed for K12 adapt very well to the higher education world, this specific site has its hand on … Continue reading

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A Feedback Tool for Instructors: PassNote

PassNote is a student feedback tool designed to assist instructors in composing research-based messages that motivate students to academic action. Our goal in creating the tool was to address concerns several instructors brought to our attention related to the difficult … Continue reading

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Feedback: “Nice job. I enjoyed reading this. A-“

I took a cohort program for my master’s and had the same instructor for 4 or 5 courses. Each assignment was an essay. On every essay I got exactly the same feedback – absolutely no comments on grammar or specific … Continue reading

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Have you tried i>clicker?

There is an electronic device on campus that can greatly improve student participation, with none of the distractive elements of laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. You may have heard of it from your colleagues, or happened to see it demonstrated … Continue reading

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Developing A Questioning Strategy

Developing A Questioning Strategy Many of the seminars I attend focus on the strategies instructors can employ to engage students in their own learning and enhance their learning outcomes. The appropriate use of questioning strategies by instructors is a method … Continue reading

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Providing Online Office Hours Using Adobe Connect

Providing office hours to students can be expanded into an online environment. Thanks to fast connection speeds at Purdue, students can communicate with you, the professor, in real time. Anymore, students use their laptops and tablets to interact with their … Continue reading

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Copyright Issues of Social Media and Fair Use

Social Media I was introduced to the idea of social media and copyright issues at the 10th Annual Copyright Conference presented by Ball State University in April this year. Moran, Seaman and Tinti-Kane (2011) report most faculty are using social … Continue reading

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Advanced Search Techniques

In December, 2012, Fast Company published an article entitled, “A Google Researcher Reveals 4 Crucial Things “Average Users” Should Know But Don’t”.  One section of the article looked at “basic” search techniques that could make the “average” computer user’s life … Continue reading

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