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Trello: An Obsessive Compulsive Person’s Favorite Program

My OCD Tendencies One of the positive things that came out of moving to Purdue from my Northeast Pennsylvania abode was that I was able to break out of “the way I always did things” and start from scratch when … Continue reading

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Readers could easily label a web page called teachthought as one for a K12 audience. While I would argue that many resources designed for K12 adapt very well to the higher education world, this specific site has its hand on … Continue reading

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How to Create Your Own Professional Development Network Using Twitter

I used to subscribe to several academic magazines in an attempt to stay informed in the worlds of higher education, technology, and pedagogy. I stopped nearly all of those subscriptions the moment I started using Twitter as a resource-gathering tool. It … Continue reading

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Instructional Designers Increase Student Satisfaction

Every day, millions of students log onto a learning management system. Too often they find syllabi that are inconsistent with the actual course contents, disjointed activities, and links that require them to navigate a complicated maze. More times than not, … Continue reading

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How is Student-Centered Instruction Different than Traditional Instruction?

Student-centered learning looks at where students are when they enter the classroom and attempts to customize teaching to allow students some freedom in choosing how to learn. This kind of teaching allows instructors to free themselves from the traditional lecture … Continue reading

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Flipping With Interactive Video Through TED-Ed

Flipping the classroom requires students to gather information outside of class, generally through reading or watching recorded lectures. As flipping the classroom gains momentum, instructors are increasingly looking for ways to engage students in online content so that students will … Continue reading

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Using Apps to Navigate Purdue and the Surrounding Community

When I moved to Indiana almost two years ago, I was overwhelmed trying to find my way around until I came across some helpful digital apps. There are many official and unofficial apps related to Purdue University but I am … Continue reading

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My Favorite Three Research Related Apps

As a PhD candidate and an Educational Technologist for ITaP, I rely on technology to keep myself organized at work, to collect research materials for my dissertation, and to keep track of things I find for my personal life. Here … Continue reading

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