West Lafayette Brightspace Implementation

Brightspace access is now live. West Lafayette faculty and staff should begin building new content or migrating courses out of Blackboard Learn to prepare for the full implementation of D2L Brightspace in fall 2020. Student and instructor access to Blackboard Learn will end on Aug. 24, 2020.

To log in to Brightspace, visit purdue.brightspace.com


Getting started with Brightspace – migrate content or build new?

To get started creating courses in Brightspace, instructors have two options: Build new course materials or request that their content be migrated from Blackboard Learn to Brightspace.

Building new content: To build content from scratch, instructors can build a course development shell by following the instructions found here.

Migrating content from Blackboard to Brightspace:  Start by following the instructions available here, which have instructors go into Blackboard to request the transfer of content.