Create a course development shell

Fall 2020 courses are already populated for instructors in Brightspace.  To begin building new content, instructors on the West Lafayette campus can simply log in to Brightspace.  Instructors may want to create a course development shell to test their content and course design, though this is not required. The development course content can later be copied into the actual courses as needed.

Step 1: Log into

Step 2: Click on "Course Creator" which can be found on the under the option “Tools”.

Step 3: Give your course a name and select a course template to use. Options are: 

  • "Credit" - Select this template to build courses for degree-programs. Template includes an example course module, University Policies and Student Help information (best for use by instructors who are new to Brightspace).
  • "Non-credit" - Select this template to build Corporate, Training and NonDegree programs.
  • "Blank" - Select this template to build from scratch.

Click Create. A new course development shell will be created shortly and will appear on your Brightspace homepage. 

For questions, please contact