FALL 2019

  • Early adopters invited to participate in spring 2020 soft launch of Brightspace can prepare to teach spring courses using the new system. Those interested in being an early adopter should send an email to: 


  • Blackboard Learn remains Purdue’s primary learning management system.
  • Early adopters who have been accepted into the soft launch can teach using Brightspace.
  • Jan. 21: All faculty and staff can log into purdue.brightspace.com. Instructors will be able to create new content and request new course shells to start building content.
  • Jan. 28: Course migration process goes live, allowing faculty and staff to migrate content from Blackboard Lean to Brightspace.
  • Feb. 28: Summer courses are loaded into Brightspace.
  • March 20: Fall courses loaded into Brightspace.
  • Workshops and training resources will be available to help instructors explore and prepare to use Brightspace.


  • Brightspace will be the default learning management system during 2020 summer terms; instructors who need to use Blackboard Learn will be able to opt-out of using Brightspace. More information about the opt-out process for summer courses will be made available as the process is finalized.
  • Summer courses to be loaded into Brightspace for instructors by Feb. 28. 
  • Workshops and training resources continue to be available.

 FALL 2020

  • Brightspace will be Purdue’s primary and only supported learning management system.
  • Blackboard Learn is moved to archive status and not available to instructors or students.