D2L Brightspace Implementation New learning management system coming in Fall 2020

D2L Brightspace FAQ Page for Fort Wayne Campus

When do I have access to D2L Brightspace?

Currently, a small group of instructors are piloting the new Learning Management System with their Spring 2020 courses. IT Services and the CELT office are working closely with this small group of faculty to identify potential problems. All faculty can access Brightspace Mid-February to learn the new system in a sandbox created for each of you. This sandbox is separated from any courses.

How do I access D2L Brightspace?

The URL for D2L Brightspace is https://purdue.brightspace.com/

If you are a student or faculty on the Fort Wayne campus, select:


You will use your Purdue Fort Wayne username and password to login.

How to find your course?

After logging in to Brightspace,

  1. Click on the course selector (course-selector.png) icon at the top of the page and click on the course name.
  2. To pin the course to display in your My Courses widget (located immediately below the banner),
    click on the pin icon ().

How do I change the Start and End Date on a Course Offering?

Please follow the steps below to make the change.

  1. From inside your course, go to Course Tools.
  2. Select Course Admin.
  3. Select Course Offering Information.
  4. Scroll down to Start Date & End Date to make the changes.
  5. Click Save at the bottom.

What are start date, due date, and end date?

Start and end dates specify when learners can access a topic or module. Before the start date, students can still see the list of topics in a module, but cannot access them. Students can still access/post/submit a discussion, assignment, or quiz past the due date, but not past the end date.

How do I see the learner’s view in Brightspace?

From inside your course:

  1. Click your name in the top right corner.
  2. Select View as Learner.
  3. When finished, click on your name again, then click on the close icon () to return to your Instructor role.

How do I check students’ activities in Brightspace?

On the course Navigation bar at the top, click Class Progress to view student activities. You can change the Settings to choose the types of statistics you prefer to view.

What is the difference between the D2L Brightspace discussion forum and topic?

A discussion Forum is a container for Topics. A Topic contains the discussion itself. A Thread contains an individual student’s post to the Topic, along with others’ replies to that post.

Can I add students to my own course?

Currently, you are not able to add users as learners (students) to your own course.

Can I transfer my Blackboard courses to Brightspace?

Yes. Courses from Summer 2019 to the end of Summer 2020 will be bulk copied to Brightspace. If you want to copy Blackboard courses before Summer 2019, separate requests need to be made. Detailed instructions will be announced Mid-February.

How do I request a blank Brightspace course development shell?

You can submit a request to have a Brightspace course shell created through the Brightspace Course Development Shell Request form. IT services will notify you when the space is ready.

What type of content from my Blackboard courses will be transferred to Brightspace?

Most course content such as documents, assignments, quizzes, discussions, announcements can be transferred to Brightspace. Videos will need to be relinked or re-embedded. Instructors using eText will need to work with the corresponding vendors as integrations become available to transfer their content to the new system. If you have questions about eText, submit a helpdesk ticket (helpdesk@pfw.edu) and include Brightspace eText in your subject line.

Updated: 1/21/2020