Faculty Excellence

Many Purdue faculty and researchers are renowned around the world, and the success of the Faculty Excellence Challenge Match thus far, with 13 new professorships, will enhance the faculty and yield greater benefit for students.
Above: a Chemistry 111 lecture with Marcy Towns, professor of chemistry, who was honored with a 2012-2013 Murphy Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching.

The Purdue University Faculty Excellence Challenge Match launched in 2012 has resulted in 13 new professorships with total endowments of nearly $22 million.

The results as of the end of January 2013, were announced at the annual President’s Council Appreciation Dinner in Naples, Fla., on Feb. 16.

The Faculty Fund for Excellence Challenge Match program is focused on recruiting top teachers and researchers to Purdue and retaining them once they arrive. Faculty Excellence Match yields 13 new professorships Under terms of the program, gifts of $750,000 or more are being matched by University funds set aside for professorships up to $1 million.

There were 187 named and distinguished professorships on the West Lafayette campus as of December 2012.


To learn more about the Faculty Excellence Fund contact:

Cheryl Altinkemer