Recreational Sports Center The bouldering wall is a popular addition at the Recreational Sports Center.

The recently opened France A. Córdova Recreational Sports Center is drawing rave reviews from the campus community.

The renovated and modernized facility, which was dedicated in October, provides substantial natural light, plentiful interior sight lines in three dimensions, and spaces for many types of gatherings and health-related resources in addition to much more activity space. The building is almost 50 percent bigger than before.

The original center, which opened in 1957 with 148,700 square feet, was the first university building in the United States created solely to serve students’ recreational sports needs. The newly completed expansion, for which construction began in spring 2010, has brought the size to about 355,000 square feet.

New features include a climbing wall, bouldering wall, recreation pool and a gold and black gym reminiscent of Mackey Arena.

Full-time students at the campus are automatically members of the center. Other students, as well as faculty, staff, official retirees and alumni can purchase memberships including family memberships.