LaFaSA: Purdue University-Latino Faculty/Staff Association

The Latino Faculty and Staff Association (LaFaSA) is an educational organization whose purpose is to promote the Latino community and advocate for the inclusion of the Latino voice in higher education. LaFaSA strives to highlight the social and cultural dimensions of Latino history, heritage, and culture as it relates to education.

In partnership with the Latino Cultural Center and other Latino-based organizations, LaFaSA works to organize Latino faculty and staff to create a stronger, vibrant “comunidad” at Purdue University. LaFaSA strives to create community and a support network in order to thrive as viable and visible assets to Purdue.

The goals of LaFaSA are to communicate interests, concerns, and awareness of Latinos; assist in recruitment and retention of Latino faculty, staff, and students; foster the academic mission of Purdue; enhance progress of our faculty and staff through the ranks; and to provide valuable cultural programming to educate the broader population.

LaFaSA Listserve 

Please sign up for the LaFaSA listserve to receive the latest updates on events and activities. LaFaSA is concerned with being a viable part of the Latino community on campus and in the state of Indiana.

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Upcoming Events

LaFaSA Meeting with the Provost

March 6 at PFEN 241
1-2:30 p.m.

LaFaSA Informal Lunch Gathering

March 8 (Location: TBA)
12 p.m.
Every person will be responsible for their own meal

LaFaSA Copitas y Cafecito

April 3, 1869 Tap Room (Purdue Memorial Union)
5-7 p.m.
Each person will be responsible for their own drinks

LaFaSA Officers

Kimber J. Nicoletti-Martínez, MSW, LCSW


Elena Benedicto

Jesus Romero