VSTAR at the LCC

Many students ask what they need to do to be a part of the Latino Cultural Center (LCC). Our answer is always "walk in through the doors". The building serves as a "home away from home" where students can connect with other students and the staff. Our resources include a conference room, library, ITaP computer lab, kitchen, nap nook and garden. Boilermakers use the space to study, relax and connect with Latinx communities. Student organizations may host meetings, call outs and events at the LCC. On another level, the LCC works towards its mission through programming, student advocacy and collaborating with campus partners. We invite you to explore our resources, programs and to get to know the staff and students. Navigate through our website and stop by our drop-in hours to meet with the LCC staff and students.

About the Latino Cultural Center (LCC)

The Latino Cultural Center, a department within the Division of Diversity and Inclusion, was established in 2003 after the Latino Student Union (LSU), with the support of the Latino Faculty and Staff (LaFaSa), demanded a physical space on campus dedicated to Latino cultures. The LCC has been recognized as a national model for other campus Latino offices and centers. The vibrant space intentionally represents Latinx cultures, identities, histories and accomplishments and is a place to gather, learn, share and celebrate Latinx cultures. Moreover, the LCC is a gathering place for Purdue's Latinx communities, a hub for Purdue's 17 Latinx-based student organizations, and the host for many cultural activities, scholarly lectures, and celebrations. The LCC serves as an educational and cultural foundation for all students, faculty and staff members. For many, the LCC is a home away from home and a place to find familia. ¡Todos son Bienvenidos! Todos são bem-vindos! All are welcome!


At the LCC

The Latino Cultural Center moved into its current location at 426 Waldron in May 2017. This gave us the opportunity to reimagine the space and intentionally represent the diversity of Latinx communities and our lived intersectional identities.  


CONECTATE: Drop-In Hours with the Latino Cultural Center

4-5 p.m. ET Tuesdays (Ongoing)


Meet the LCC VSTAR Leaders

LCC VSTAR Leaders are embajadores to the LCC; they are students who have developed close ties with the center and have intimate knowledge of how we function and the services we offer. VSTAR Leaders are also leaders on campus and in the classroom.


Join the LCC over the Summer

The physical location at the LCC may be closed but we are supporting Boilermakers virtually.