2021 Conexiones Workshops

Session 1

Unlearning Machismo

WALC 2124

Facilitator: Jesus Romero

Coordinator for Leadership Development, CELD | Co-Chair, Latino Faculty and Staff Association

We are often taught that we have to ‘be a man’ or not show any emotions as Latino men. However, this practice of machismo can be harmful not only to ourselves but also others. Join us to discuss how we can start to unlearn some of the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that might come so naturally to us.

Am I Enough? Impostor Syndrome Within the Latinx Community

WALC 2088

Facilitator: Allison Maldonado Ruiz

Student Affairs Specialist, Student Activities and Organizations

Most of us are familiar with the idea of feeling like you do not belong somewhere- we typically feel this way in new environments like jobs or internships, but did you know sometimes we feel this way within our own ethnicity and race? Join us as we discuss the cultural concept of impostor syndrome.

Escribamos Juntxs: Navigating the Purdue Writing Lab and the OWL

WALC 2121

Facilitator: Garrett Iván Colón

Ph.D Student | Assistant Director of Content Development, Purdue OWL

During our workshop, we will address some of the stigmas associated with writing and seeking out resources for writing. To build on our conversation, we will talk about how the Purdue Writing Lab works, what tutoring sessions are like, and the many ways peer tutors will work with you in a collaborative, inclusive environment. Afterwards, we will discuss the benefits of our online resource: the Purdue OWL. As an online space designed to help you, the OWL can be a major paper-saver once you know how to navigate it. Together, we’ll look at the OWL website and learn about how it works and how it can help you across different contexts of writing.

Real Talk: Mental Health

WALC 2051

Facilitator: Nazeer (Naz) Zerka Staff Therapist, Counseling and Psychological Services

Facilitor: Luis Balcazar Care Manager, Counseling and Psychological Services

What is mental health, and why is it important? What are some resources that are available to Purdue students? Our talk will be based on what you actually need to be successful during the school year. Simple things that can help your mood, worry, and self-love as well as resources available to you on campus. We will empower you to face this year with your best self!

Session 2

YHLQMDLG: Imagining the Purdue Student Experience

WALC 2051

Facilitator: Cynthia Hernandez Lopez President, Delta Phi Mu Sorority, Inc.

Facilitator: Simon Hernandez President, Delta Pi Rho Fraternity, Inc.

"It's a new semester, and I am ready to have the Purdue experience! Yo hago lo que me de la gana." During this presentation and student panel, participants will learn about undergraduate student life at Purdue. What is a student organization, and how does one get involved? What is a Greek-letter organization? How do you build community at Purdue now that everyone is back on campus? Hear directly from students and learn the ins and outs of cultivating a positive Boilermaker experience.

Grad School 411: Graduate Student Panel

WALC 2088

Facilitator: Oscar Ojeda, LCC Graduate Assistant

Facilitator: Guadalulpe Ceja, LCC Graduate Assistant

Facilitator: Lauren Murfree, LGBTQ Center Graduate Assistant 

How does one build community on campus as a graduate student? What student organizations or resources are available that help foster a sense of belonging? This panel will provide attendees with valuable information that can enrich your graduate school experience.