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In this section, the Latino Cultural Center highlights the recent accomplishments of the Latinx faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students at Purdue University. ¡Felicitaciones! Son un orgullo latino.

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Dr. Alberto J. Rodríguez

Recent Awards, Accomplishments, and Recognition:
Professor Alberto J. Rodríguez, Mary Endres Chair in Elementary Education, has been selected as the recipient of the 2017 American Educational Research Association, Division K (Teaching and Teacher Education) Innovations in Research on Diversity in Teacher Education Award. Alberto will be honored at an award ceremony at the upcoming AERA conference during Division K’s Business Meeting. The ceremony will take place at 6:15 on Sunday, April 30th at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, River Level, Room 5, San Antonio, Texas.

About Dr. Rodríguez:
Dr. Rodriguez's research focuses on the use of sociotransformative constructivism (sTc) as a theoretical framework that merges multicultural education tenets (as a theory of social justice) with social constructivism (as a theory of learning). Thus, Dr. Rodriguez is investigating how—through the use of sTc as a guiding framework—teachers can make their pedagogy and curriculum more culturally and socially relevant to all students, as well as how teachers can better integrate STEM across all curriculum subjects. Currently, he is the PI of the 20/20 Vision for Transdisciplinary and Cross-Cultural STEM Education Project. This study involves the participation of faculty from all the teacher education curriculum areas (social studies, language literacy, mathematics, and science), and the project's main goal is to develop and implement a set of modules (lessons and activities) that can be used to illustrate how cross-cultural and STEM education can be integrated across curriculum areas.

Dr. Pablo Zavattieri

Recent Awards, Accomplishments, and Recognition:
From the Executive Vice President for Research and Partnerships Annual Report Life-Ology:
Professor Pablo Zavattieri has been recognized for his work researching the dactyl club on the mantis shrimp and its newly discovered sinusoidally architected helicoidal structure—a herringbone/spiral staircase pattern. His team also discovered stress-resistant nanoparticles in the club’s outer layer. He and his team would like to apply these discoveries to construction materials, sports helmets, body armor and other applications.

About Dr. Zavattieri:
Professor Zavattieri joined Purdue University in 2009. Professor Zavattieri’s research lies at the interface between solid mechanics and materials engineering. His engineering and scientific curiosity has focused on the fundamental aspects of how Nature uses elegant and efficient ways to make remarkable and more sustainable materials. He has contributed to the solid mechanics area by investigating the structure-function relationship of advanced materials at multiple length-scales, combining state-of-the-art computational techniques and experiments to characterize the properties, and enabling the design of new materials. Professor Zavattieri is the recipient of the NSF CAREER award, the Roy E. & Myrna G. Wansik Research Award, he was a NAE 2014 US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium attendee and was recently appointed University Faculty Scholar for the period 2015-2020.

Dr. Angelica Duran

Recent Awards, Accomplishments, and Recognition:
From the Executive Vice President for Research and Partnerships Annual Report Life-Ology:
Last year Professor Angelica Duran traveled to and resided in various states in Mexico through the U.S. Fulbright Scholar program while she completed an archival and teaching project for her book project “Milton in Hispanoamerica.”

About Dr. Duran:
Angelica Duran is a Professor of English, Comparative Literature, and Religious Studies, whose courses reflect the primary areas of her publications, all of which, in turn, reflect her interest in extending the readership of 17th-century literary texts both in the classroom and in society at large, and in showing points of unity between groups that are often seen as antagonistic and oppositional. An early version of part of her first book, The Age of Milton and The Scientific Revolution (Duquesne UP, 2007), entitled "The Sexual Mathematics of Paradise Lost" was the most electronically-accessed article in Milton Quarterly in 2003. Her current monograph-projects shift from the "two cultures" of the arts and sciences to Anglophone and Hispanophone cultures: Milton among Spaniards and Milton in Hispanoamerica. She is the editor of A Concise Companion to Milton (Blackwell, 2007,pbk. 2010) and The King James Bible across Borders and Centuries (Duquesne UP, 2014); the lead-editor of Mo Yan in Context: Nobel Laureate and Global Storyteller (Purdue UP, 2014) and Milton in Translation (Oxford UP, 2017); and the author over 20 chapters and articles. Having been born and schooled in California, she (nevertheless and thoroughly) enjoys living in the U.S. Midwest during the school-year, and traveling nationally and internationally in the summers.

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