Requests for Server and Resource Access Standard


This standard defines how requests for server and resource access to Web Services-maintained entities should be made, who is authorized to make these requests, and when these requests should be granted.

Brief Description:

Website owners are identified when a website is created. They may request access for other people (developers) and grant them permissions, including the permission to add developers. Access requests are handled by submitting a web form to ITSO Web Services.


Website Owners
When a website is initially created, one or two people will be identified as the .owners. of the site. These people are authorized to make administrative decisions for the website and may grant other people (termed “developers”) access and control rights for the website. Regardless of other permission settings or delegations, website owners retain complete administrative control.

Who can request access?
Access to a website for purposes of development and publication may be granted by the owner of the website. The owner may grant other permissions to a developer such as the permission to add other developers, request changes to data sources, etc. Developers who have been granted permission to add developers may themselves grant a subset of their permissions to these new developers. Only the owner may grant the permission to add developers.

How to request access?
A website owner or developer with the proper permission can request access by completing a Web Server Request Form.