Welcome to the Shared ASP.Net Environment

To begin developing your site on the Shared ASP.Net Environment, please connect to the Development server by setting up a Windows mapping to \\wdvwebasp02.www.purdue.edu\webroot\{sitepath}.

Development URL: https://dev.www.purdue.edu/{sitename} or https://dev.{hostname}

Once you are finished developing your site, you can deploy the site to QA and Prod using the Deploy Tool. To deploy the site to QA for testing in a Production-like environment, please choose your QA site name (see below) from the Deploy drop down. To deploy the site to Production when the changes are ready to “go live”, please choose your Production site name (see below) from the Deploy drop down. Note that your site must be deployed to QA before you can deploy it to Production.

QA URL: https://qa.www.purdue.edu/{sitename} or https://qa.{hostname}

Production URL: https://www.purdue.edu/{sitename} or httsp://www.{hostname}

If you have any questions, run into any issues, or have additional requests, please contact us at itap-webadmin@purdue.edu.

To view the Event Logs and Web Logs please go to ASP.NET Server Logs.

To view the WebMetrix information on your website please to go to WebMetrix Service.