Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I use I2A2 for authentication?

    Please view the ColdFusion Binding.

  • How do I use the CAS Authentication?

    Please view Purdue CAS Information. Also more specific ColdFusion sample code for CAS can be found at JA-SIG ColdFusion Client Script.

  • How do I access the CF8 development servers?

    Please create a mapping to \\\WEBROOT. You will need to login with your career account username and password. If you do not have access please send email to

    Also if you are using the Data directory, you will need to map to \\\WEBDATA to access this area.

  • We added a new data source for use on our website, why can I not access it on my website?

    The new data source will need to be added to your Sandbox Security. Each ColdFusion web site recieves it’s own sandbox, in which that website is only allowed access to the data source(s) that the web site needs to use. All other data sources will be denied. If you add a new data source on the server, please be sure to tell us what website needs access to the data source.

  • Where is the migration form for CF8?

    In the new CF8 environment we have eliminated the migration forms. You can now upload your pages yourself by going to and deploying the appropriate web site. You will need to deploy to QA first and then to production.

  • What version of ColdFusion 8 do we have, Standard or Enterprise?

    For the shared ColdFusion 8 servers we have purchased the Enterprise edition.

  • Where can I find more information about the Adobe ColdFusion 8 product?

    Please go to

  • How can I use the Tier Environment Variable in ColdFusion?

    From ColdFusion, it can be accessed as:

    <cfset tier = createObject(“java”,

    setting the variable “tier” to one of the above values.

  • How to I make a database connection to MySQL in ColdFusion?

    <title>ColdFusion – MySQL Connection</title>
    <body leftmargin=”0″ topmargin=”0″>
    <cfquery name=”qryTable” datasource=”{Enter your data source here}”>
    SELECT lastname, firstname
    FROM test
    ORDER BY lastname
    <p>ColdFusion – MySQL Connection</p>
    <table border=”1″>
    <th scope=”col”>First Name </th>
    <th scope=”col”>Last Name </th>
    <cfoutput query=”qryTable”>
    <td scope=”col”>#firstname#</td>
    <td scope=”col”>#lastname#</td>

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