J-1 Transfer

J-1 exchange visitors may move from one US institution to another. Ths is called a transfer of the visitor's J-1 "program" between institutions. To do this, the exchange visitor must continue to be engaging in activities toward the same program objective. If the program objective is going to change, then a transfer may not be available.

A transfer of J program requires synchronized steps to be taken in SEVIS by both the old institution and the new institution. As a result, in almost all cases, both institutions will require the J-1 status holder to submit forms (paper or electronic) to them relating to the transfer. What this means is that if you do not submit all the required forms, then one or both of the institution(s) cannot take the required steps in SEVIS to move the program, and if either one of the institutions cannot complete their steps in SEVIS, the program cannot move. 

Transfer from another institution to Purdue

The process begins with a request by the Department ISS Liaison for the new host department at Purdue that the J-1 exchange visitor wants to join.

  1. The ISS liaison initiates the "Initial" J-1 Scholar request in MyISS
  2. This triggers electronic forms ("eforms" to the host supervisor at Purdue as well as to the incoming J-1 scholar
  3. Once all the eforms are submitted, International Scholar Services reviews the preliminary information. We then request
    • a consistent program objective letter from the J-1 scholar's current supervisor at their current (non-Purdue) department and
    • notify the ISS office at the current (non-Purdue) institution that a transfer of J-1 program is being requested
  4. Only once we receive both the consistent objective letter AND the current institution has released the scholar's J-1 program in SEVIS are we able to 'retrieve' the J-1 program and assign it to Purdue.

Please note that there time restrictions for the various J-1 categories when applying for a transfer. 

Transfer from Purdue to another institution

The same collaboration between institutions must occur in order for a J-1 program to be transferred from Purdue to another US institution. 

  1. The J-1 Scholar must complete a Transfer Out Form (SEVIS "Release" Form) This form requires-
    • The other institution's international office fax number as well as J program number is required. 
    • Completion Date: This is the date you want as your last day of employment or research activities at Purdue.
    • Release Date: This is the date you want to be released to the new institution. In general, you may specify a date between-
      • The day after your Completion Date,  to
      • No more than 15 days after your Completion Date. (Note that some institutions will require a start date of earlier than 15 days, so check with that institution's international office regarding their policy in such cases.)
    • Start Date at New Institution: This is the date your activities at the new  institution will begin. This must be the same as the release date.
  2. Once the Transfer Out Form (SEVIS "Release" Form is complete, email it to intlscholars@purdue.edu
    1. If your new institution has forms that they require from us, please include those in your email
    2. If there is personally identifying information in the documents or forms (which Purdue defines as any combination of two or more of the following: name, birthdate, address, SEVIS number, PUID, etc.), please email intlscholars@purdue.edu solely to confirm the specific team member to whom you may Filelocker or otherwise share the documents securely. DO not email the documents as that would violate Purdue policy. We will identify a team member to whom you may Filelocker the documents directly and securely.
  3. Within five (5) business days, ISS will submit the release to SEVIS.
    • ISS will fax a notice of this to the new institution along with any forms requested. WHY ARE WE STILL FAXING THINGS IN 2022????
    • Upon the release date requested, SEVIS automatically releases the record to the new institution. After that date, ISS cannot cancel the transfer.
    • Upon arrival at the new institution, that institution will create a new DS 2019 for the new location, validating your new program in SEVIS.
    • At any time before the release date, the request CAN be cancelled.