Photo by Pavel Danilyuk:

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk:

Virtual Experiential Intercultural Learning (VEIL) Grant

Undergraduate programs only

The $1000 or $2000 VEIL Grant is intended to compensate faculty/staff for the design and/or facilitation of (non-COIL) virtual intercultural exchange opportunities for undergraduate students. If the virtual exchange is not embedded in an existing course but fulfills program qualifications, course credit can be offered via Purdue College of Engineering's Vertical Integrative Program (VIP). Program leaders must consult with VIP Director, Carla Zoltowski (, to attain approval for credit and to review expectations and requirements of VIP. Programs that provide online international learning opportunities that leverage turnkey solutions offered by third party providers and/or embed Purdue students virtually in organizations or communities abroad may also apply for a VEIL Grant, i.e. internally designed ICL curricula are not a prerequisite*. All VEIL Grant applicants who have not completed the Intercultural Pedagogy Grant, must enroll in IPG as well. It is strongly recommended that the IPG requirement be fulfilled in the year prior to leading the VEIL program with students. Participants who complete both IPG and VEIL requirements will receive both grants. This grant is for Purdue WL faculty and staff who are interested in creating either new or revised courses/projects. These must include:

Intercultural learning (ICL) outcomes
Drawn from either the Intercultural Knowledge and Competence or Global Learning VALUE rubrics (AAC&U VALUE Rubrics). These outcomes must be incorporated explicitly into all VEIL programs.
Intercultural assessment of outcomes
Using either the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) or the Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge Short Scale (ASKS2). Programs must incorporate a pre/post model of summative assessment to measure the impact of their program on student growth or change in regard to intercultural learning outcomes.
Experiential intercultural activities
Followed by guided reflection of learning.
Advancement of a disciplinary research endeavor or applied design solution
Engaging students with groups from two or more institutions abroad.
VEIL courses must involve at least 12 students
Including at least 6 of these from Purdue. (12 from Purdue when a third party provider is used)
Submission and approval of an Intercultural Learning Action Plan
Sent to CILMAR prior to program start.

The Center for Intercultural Learning, Mentorship, Assessment and Research (CILMAR) will assist faculty/staff in identifying learning outcomes and appropriate assessment options. VEIL program leaders of new programs are eligible for $2,000 discretionary funding. VEIL program leaders of continuing programs are eligible for $1000 of discretionary funding. Funds will be awarded after a report of analyzed student ICL assessments (The Intercultural Program Leader Completion Report) has been submitted to CILMAR.

Growing, Learning, and Understanding Everyone (GLUE) certificate curriculum option:

VEIL Program leaders may request the use of CILMAR's GLUE certificate program to fulfill intercultural learning requirements of the VEIL Grant, including the ICL Action Plan. If this option is selected, CILMAR will introduce the curriculum and provide guidance in its use. For questions about this option, contact Dr. Daniel Jones at

This grant is available at two funding levels:

  • Repeating programs: $1000
  • New programs: $2000

Application Process:

Complete the CILMAR Grant Application Qualtrics survey. (IPG application included)


Applications are due by September 8, 2023.

Updated July 27, 2023