ISS Liaisons

The process for hiring international faculty and staff in J-1, H-1B, TN, O, or permanent residence status is coordinated by ISS and the hiring department. Within most academic departments there are ISS trained Departmental Liaisons who serve as point persons during the hiring process. The liaisons have received training from ISS staff who are fluent in the rules and regulations pertaining to international faculty and staff.

Faculty and staff interested in hiring international faculty or staff work with the Departmental Liaison and eventually the Head of Department to finalize required paperwork. The Departmental Liaison is familiar with the procedures that a hiring department must follow in order to be in compliance with the State of Indiana, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS formerly INS) and the Department of State (DOS).

Departmental Liaisons may be contacted with questions or concerns regarding the hiring process for J-1, H-1B, TN, O or permanent residence status in the department in which they are employed.

To see liaisons click a school/department listed below:

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* Phone and Fax area code is 765

College of Education
Department Name Location Phone Fax
Curriculum & Instruction Kristy Bennett BRNG 494-9172 496-1622
Educational Studies/GERI Kristy Bennett BRNG 494-9172 496-1622
College of Agriculture
Department Name Location Phone Fax
Agricultural & Biological Engineering PISA YOUNG


Agricultural Economics Tracy Buck KRAN 494-4205 494-9176
Agronomy Lexie Wilson 494-8073
Agronomy: National Soil Erosion Research Lab  
Animal Sciences Marion Welsh LILY 494-4806 494-9346
Biochemistry Jamie Turner BCHM 494-3509  
Botany and Plant Pathology Lisa Gross LILY 494-9871 494-0363
Entomology Mardelle Lorton SMTH 496-1119
Food Science Cory Brenner FS 494-8257
Forestry & Natural Resources Telaina Minnicus FORS 109 494-3622 496-2422
Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Rebecca Stevenson HORT 496-7608 494-0391
Institute for Plant Sciences Jessica Orr LILY
International Programs in Agriculture Patricia Sipes  AGAD 494-5843 494-9613
Office of Indiana State Chemists Melinda Walsh BCHM 494-5900 496-6349
Youth Development and Agricultural Education Jayne Price AGAD 494-8423 496-1152
College of Engineering
Department Name Location Website
College of Engineering (all schools) Purdue International Scholar Assistance (PISA) Young  Information  
College of Health and Human Sciences
Department Name Location Phone Fax
Public Health PISA  YOUNG  496-7472  
Consumer Science & Retailing PISA YOUNG   496-7472  
Health and Kinesiology PISA YOUNG    496-7472  
Health Sciences PISA YOUNG    496-7472  
Hospitality & Tourism Management PISA YOUNG    496-7472  
Human Development and Family Studies PISA YOUNG  496-7472
Nursing PISA YOUNG    496-7472  
Nutrition Science PISA YOUNG    496-7472  
Psych Sciences PISA YOUNG   496-7472
Speech, Lang & Hearing Science PISA YOUNG    496-7472  
College of Liberal Arts
College of Liberal Arts (All Departments)   PISA
College of Pharmacy
Department Name Location Phone Fax
College of Pharmacy (All Departments) PISA 
College of Science

Department Name Location Phone Fax
All College of Science (All Schools) 
Purdue International Scholar Assistance (PISA)
Young Hall
Purdue Polytechnic Institute
Department Name Location Phone Fax
Purdue Polytechnic Institute PISA Young   496-1924
College of Veterinary Medicine
Department Name Location Phone Fax
Basic Medical Sciences Makayla Espinosa  LYNN
Center of Paralysis Research Jennifer Danaher VCPR 494-7600 494-7605
Comparative Pathobiology PISA      Info
Veterinary Clinical Sciences Jesse Mabbitt LYNN 494-1103 496-1108
Global Engagement Matthew Winzeler 494-5780
Daniels School of Management
Department Name Location Phone Fax
Management Lori Wolf KRAN 494-4420 494-9422
Economics Mary Schultz  KRAN 496-1378
Regional Campuses
Department Name Location Phone Fax
Fort Wayne campus Andia Walker Fort Wayne, Indiana (260)481-6106
Northwest campus Catharine Olsen Hammond, Indiana (219)989.2370
Other (not part of a school)
Department Name Location Phone Fax
Athletics PISA Young Hall 496-7472  
Birck Nanotechnology Center (Discovery Park) PISA
Young Hall
CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) PISA Young 4946-7472
Center for Career Opportunities PISA YONG 496-7472  
CILMAR Center for Intercultural Learning, Mentorship, Assessment and Research PISA  YONG 496-7472  
Colombia Purdue Institute PISA
Cyber Center, (Discovery Park) PISA Young 496-7472  
Discovery Park PISA Young 496-7472  
Diversity Resource Center PISA Young 496-7472  
Executive Vice President for Research  PISA  Young   496-7472
Honors College PISA Young 496-7472  
Human Resource Services PISA Young 796-7472  
iData PISA Young 496-7472
Information Technology  PISA YONG 496-7472
Libraries PISA Young 496-7472  
Network for Computational Nanotechnology (Discovery Park) PISA Young 496-7472  
Office of Engagement  PISA  Young 496-7472  
Purdue Quantum Science and Engineering Institute (Discovery Park) PISA Young 496-7472  
Purdue Online  PISA Young 496-7472  
Registrar PISA Young 496-7472