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Course Transformation Options with IMPACT X

The following portfolio of course transformation support options available this summer is designed to assist instructors building courses for Fall 2020 in ways that are intentional, flexible, inclusive, and safe.

The portfolio builds on the success of Purdue’s internationally recognized IMPACT (Instruction Matters: Purdue Academic Course Transformation), and its most recent derivations: IMPACT X Access and IMPACT X. Currently, a team of 22 Purdue faculty is working with the Innovative Learning Team to create specific approaches and exemplars for different types of courses that make up IMPACT X+.

This chart provides a quick comparison of the four levels of support; below it are additional details. All versions use Brightspace as the course learning management system (LMS), since Blackboard will no longer be available after August. In addition, Brightspace support and training is available to anyone who is teaching or has taught Purdue courses; click here for those resources. Click here for details on how to participate in the portfolio and funding.

IMPACT X Access IMPACT X IMPACT X+ Full Course Production
Course Materials
Required Deliverables
Length Self-paced 1 week 2 weeks 16 weeks
Faculty Time ~15 hours ~32 hours ~40 hours 96 + hours
Staff Support None Minimal Moderate High
Availability Anytime Weekly Starts Bi-weekly starts beginning June 22 Starts May-June
Registration Anyone can register Select courses Select courses Select courses


IMPACT X Access is an asynchronous, non-facilitated version of the IMPACT X program, designed to guide instructors through the major principles of course design and the implementation and delivery of online course elements within the Brightspace LMS. Participants are encouraged to review the content, reflect on their course elements, and apply the methods and strategies presented to make pedagogical changes in their courses in Brightspace.

This course is “non-facilitated,” meaning there will not be a facilitator actively monitoring the discussion boards or providing feedback; however, you are welcome to engage with each other to share ideas and provide feedback in an online learning community.

It is estimated that faculty will spend approximately 15 hours going through this version. As the program is self-paced, instructors can sign up and begin anytime by registering here. Once registered, participants can return to the IMPACT X Access content at any time.

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IMPACT X is a facilitated, week-long program developed to guide instructors through the major principles of course design and the implementation and delivery of online course elements within the Brightspace LMS. During their selected week, faculty work through the content at their own pace and schedule, and can get direct feedback from the Innovative Learning team on their design, delivery, and implementation choices at any time.

This program takes approximately 32 hours of faculty time. The program has start dates each Monday from June through July. Summer instructors who complete IMPACT X will continue to have access to the content via IMPACT X Access after their participation. Beginning June 1, IMPACT X courses are pre-selected for the remaining slots available for this program.

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IMPACT X+ is a medium-touch, two-week-long course development program that builds upon and integrates the principles developed in IMPACT X. IMPACT X+ goes deeper into course design and development to allow instructors to build and design resilient, flexible, engaging, equitable, and student-centered courses. This program will enable faculty to respond to the uncertainty of the Fall 2020 semester by designing courses with adaptable and common delivery options that maintain rigor, integrity, and quality. Additional modules to those offered in IMPACT X will include faculty exemplars and templates based on the following archetypes:

  • Large lecture
  • Discussion-based/small group/project-based
  • Writing intensive
  • Experiential/field work/clinical
  • Laboratory intensive

This program takes approximately 40 hours of faculty time. Faculty are expected to work together if multiple faculty are identified for a single course. Expected deliverables include, but are not limited to common learning outcomes, use or adaptation of an archetype course, and common course model for multi-section courses.

The program has start dates every other week beginning June 22. Courses will be pre-selected for the 50 course slots available for each program offering (50 courses for every 2-week offering). Participating faculty will choose the archetype that meets their biggest design challenge for the course for fall.

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Full Course Production

The full course production process offers flexibility and the highest level of support for those projects that require a more systematic and structured approach to online course development. The complete course design process typically spans 16 weeks, and engages instructors in a collaborative process with instructional design and video producer professionals to develop the course fully online. More information on what instructors can expect from the complete course design process is available on the Innovative Learning website.

The full course production program is a high-touch, long-term course development program that takes 96 or more hours of faculty time. Expected deliverables include, but are not limited to, course design plan (learning outcomes, objectives, assessments, and activities), media plan, course materials, syllabus, and a design quality review.

Courses will be pre-selected for the 20 slots available for this program (total) and faculty begin immediately upon notification.

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How to participate

Anyone instructing or interested in learning about course design and/or Brightspace may register for IMPACT X Access here. Additional Brightspace-specific support, workshops, and resources are also available here.

Deans and department heads worked in collaboration with the Provost Office, Teaching and Learning, and Innovative Learning to select priority courses who will be supported through IMPACT X, X+, and Full Course Production (FCP) based on the needs of new and graduating students, international students, and courses with high enrollment. These select, priority courses chosen to participate in IMPACT X, X+, and FCP will be eligible for central funding, paid at the college level at the end of the summer.

Support is provided at the course level, not by section level or instructor. The course coordinator or faculty responsible for the course will be the lead developer. Courses with multiple instructors of multiple sections should coordinate to build a common course plan (which may then be individualized by instructors at the section level). Instructors should work with their department heads or deans to finalize a plan for their course(s).

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