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Student Software Trainers

Who we are

Student Software Trainers provide classroom-based instruction and one-on-one consultations for various software packages used in courses at Purdue. We are a free resource to university students, faculty, and staff members.

Gloria Chen

Jason Arisa


Gloria Chen

Dafne Campos


Jesse Majors


Josh Majors

Josh Majors

Training Coordinator

Cassy Simmons


Jacob Wierman

Stella Yao


What we can teach you

With our workshops and consultations, you can learn how to make posters and flyers, edit videos, code, create animations, make your own website, and so much more!

  • After Effects: video composition
  • Camtasia: quick and simple video editing
  • Illustrator I & II: graphics editor for creating logos, designs, and more
  • InDesign: document formatting
  • MATLAB I & II: coding basics
  • Office 365: consultations only; Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 
  • Photoshop Flyer: create an appealing flyer
  • Photoshop I & II: photo manipulation; image effects; image touch-ups
  • Premiere: consultations only; video editing for larger videos and projects
  • Python: coding basics

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How to reach us

We love to share who we are on social media! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get updates on what we're up to and some quick tech tips. Feel free to email us or request a consultation if you have questions or interests in a training session, too.

Facebook: @purduesst

Instagram: @purduesst

YouTube: Purdue Student Software Trainers


BoilerLink: Student Software Trainers


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Educational Technology Consultant
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