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Faculty Innovators

Dr. Frank Dooley

Professor of Agricultural Economics

The Challenge

Engaging learners in a large classroom.

The Learning Experiment

Hotseat engages shy learners/all learners.

As a professor of Agricultural Economics, Dr. Frank Dooley understands the importance of making the most of his class time which often includes more than 100 learners. This means he needs different methods of engagement to reach as many learners as possible. It's quite a challenge, especially when some learners are less inclined to participate than others. But Dooley has Hotseat which helps him get the majority of his learners engaged instead of just the dominant minority. With Hotseat, learners can feel comfortable enough to ask you that nagging question that most of the other learners have but everyone is afraid to ask. Hotseat will help you reach those learners right where they already are—their phones, laptops, anything that can get a signal. All they have to do is have the question, enter it into their mobile device, and Hotseat gets it to you and in front of the class. It doesn't ask much of you and there's no spotlight—just the learners, you, and the question. Now you know what's on that one learner's mind—the one that never seems to have anything to say.