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Faculty Innovators

Dr. Sugato Chakravarty

Professor and Department Head of Department of Consumer Sciences and Retailing

The Challenge

Getting learners to speak up in a large class.

The Learning Experiment

Sugato uses Hotseat to engage learners in large lectures.

"Hotseat is turning out to be a nice innovation. I'm seeing students interact more with the course and ask relevant questions," Chakravarty says. "The tool allows us to engage learners using media they are already familiar with."

"Hotseat does give students a lot of power," Chakravarty says. "In one class I mentioned the wrong president during the 1929 depression and immediately about a dozen comments came in correcting me.

"I don't have a problem with students correcting me or challenging me; this shows the students are engaged. But not every professor may embrace this aspect."