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How do I select which Purdue-supported student response system I should use (Hotseat or iClickers)?


Purdue supports two student response systems. These are used within a class to solicit student questions, answers, etc. The instructor can then use this information to determine student understanding, lead discussions, etc. For more general information on how to use iClickers, click here. For more information on how to use Hotseat, click here.


A comparison of the features, compatibility, assessment, and usability of Hotseat to iClicker

Hotseat iClicker
Anonymous Polling Yes Yes
Demographics Filtering Yes
Question Lists Yes Yes
Presenter Console Yes Yes
Open-Text Response Yes Yes
Response via SMS Texting Yes
Image Sharing Yes
Student Accountability Yes Yes
Startup On-Site Help Yes Yes
Student must be in room to use Yes
Windows and Mac Compatible Yes Yes
Purdue Authentication Yes Yes
iOS Devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) Yes  
Android Devices Yes  
Kindle Yes  
Google Nexus Yes  
End-User Cost $0 $16 - $50
For assessment
Students enrollment Instructors enroll students by importing Roster from Excel Students enroll themselves through BlackBoard Learn
Grading Integration with BB Learn (automatic) Integration with BB Learn (automatic)
Requires a software install to use No No (Instructor side Yes)
Number of users per receiver PAL 3.0 says 100 per AP#* 1500
Range of Wireless Worldwide* 200ft
Interactivity with other software
Blackboard Learn Yes Yes
Facebook Yes  
Mobile Devices Yes  

# AP = access point

* WiFi access would be a factor for classes where students are using PAL Internet connections. WiFi access would not be a factor for classes where many students were using a device connecting via a cellular network