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Blackboard Course Templates

Launch into creating your course by using one of the following templates for rapid course design. These have been pre-populated with research-based quality course elements which you can customize to meet your learners’ needs. Teaching and Learning Technologies’ Course Design and Development team offers the following templates (highlighted in the video gallery below): Enhanced, Hybrid, Self-Paced, Krannert Weekend MBA, and Writing.

Once you have selected the template for your course, you have two options for installation: Email TLT for assistance or Self-Service (details at bottom of webpage).

Video Demonstrations

View each video clip to learn the unique features of each template.


This augmented default course template adds elements to your course that will assist you and your students.


This template includes pre-class, in-class, and post-class modules.


This template is designed for self-paced and repository courses.


This template is designed exclusively for Krannert Weekend MBA Courses.


This template is designed for courses with extensive writing required.

Install Chosen Template

Do you have an existing course and you wish to add template features to it? Never copied a course before? Option 1 is best for your success. We are happy to serve you.

Are you starting from scratch with a completely new design? Have you ever copied a course before? Option 2 gets you up and running on your design in minutes.

Option 1

Request assistance by emailing TLT.

Option 2

Self-Service. Log into Blackboard and click on the Utilities tab in top right. Directions are linked under the TLT Course Templates heading.

Feedback and Suggestions Welcome!

Tell us which template you chose and why, suggest future templates or give suggestions for edits/updates to an existing template by filling out this form.