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Blackboard Learn: Assessments & Assignments

User Learning Scenarios

This handout is designed to support skill-building as you work with Blackboard Learn. Check the boxes next to steps when you have finished them. Demos and instructions for each section will be provided by the trainer. If you need help at any time while you are in class, raise your hand and one of the teaching team members will assist you.

Before you begin: Download and unzip the workshop files from

Major navigation symbols: Expand menu options: arrows to expand menu options; Edit Mode on/offedit mode shown on

Activity 1: Creating an assessment

Add a test

Assessments encompass tests, surveys, assignments, self and peer assessments, as well as SafeAssignments. Any of these items may be set up initially from the Create Assessment button on a Course Content page or from the Control Panel > Course Tools > Tests, Surveys, and Pools option, which may then be linked to the course content page.
Tests, Surveys, and Pools option shown test

Step 1

  1. In the Control Panel, click on Course Tools and then click Tests, Surveys, and Pools
  2. Click on Tests
  3. Click the Build Test button to create a new assessment
  4. Type Quiz 1 as the title for your assessment
  5. Click Submit and remain on the Test Canvas page that appears

Step 2

  1. Hover over Create Question and choose Multiple Choice
  2. Type Question Title as the “Question 1”
  3. Type your own question in the Question Text box
  4. Under Answers type your answers, checking the radial button for the one that is correct
  5. Under Feedback type any feedback you want displayed to the student after they’ve completed the test
  6. Click Submit and remain on that screen for the next step

Step 3
Questions may be created in Excel and uploaded to Blackboard Learn.
  1. If you moved away from the Test Canvas, go back to editing your Quiz 1
  2. In the Test Canvas, click on Upload Questionsbutton to upload questions
  3. Click on the Browse button and find the Text workshop file we downloaded
  4. Select the file, then click Submit
  5. Notice the new questions that are appearing in your Test Canvas
  6. Click OK at the bottom right of your screen to exit the Test Canvas
    Note Only: if you want to do this for your own class set up, format your Excel file as follows and then save it as a TEXT file:
excel file example

Activity 2: Test Options

Set up Test Options

Objective: Test Options will set up the timing, attempts allowed, availability and instructions for the exam.

Step 1

  1. Click on Course Content in the main menu
  2. Hover over Assessments and select Test
  3. Select your new assessment, Quiz 1, from the Add Test list
  4. Click on Submit

Step 2

  1. Under Test Availability click “Yes” for Make the Link Available
  2. Click “Yes” for Add a new announcement for this Test
  3. Click the check box next to Multiple Attempts, then click the radio button next to Number of Attempts and enter “2”
  4. Click in the check box for Force Completion, if the Test is to be completed at one sitting
  5. Click in the check box for Set Timer and select the length allowed for the assessment
  6. Date display ranges may be used as well.

Step 3

  1. Under Self-assessment Options, click to Include this Test in Grade Center Score Calculations
  2. Under Test Feedback, click in the check box to select the type of feedback displayed to the student at the completion of the assessment
  3. Under Test Presentation please select the preferred presentation for the assessment and display of questions
  4. Click on Submit

Step 4

  1. Course Menu click on Course Content again.
  2. To add or remove test questions, click the arrow icon next to the quiz and click Edit the Test
  3. To change test options, click the arrow icon next to the quiz and click Edit the Test Options.
  4. To manage selected releases, click on Adaptive Release or if one needs to be changed, click on Adaptive Release: Advanced options to remove it and create a new one.
    edit test options

Step 5

  1. Go back to My Blackboard and select a class in which you are a student
  2. Take the exam for someone else in your group
  3. Take it two times, if you have time.

Stretch Your Skill (Optional) – Set up a Survey

Set up a Survey

Objective: Surveys may be used to gather class opinions on various topics. They are not set up to be graded, but rather as tool to compile student input.

Step 1

  1. Under the Control Panel, select Course Tools, then Tests, Surveys and Pools.
    Surveys menu option shown
  2. Click on the second option, Surveys
  3. Click on Build Survey
  4. In the Name box, type “Student Profiles”
  5. Click on Submit

Step 2

  1. Hover over Create Question
  2. Click on Multiple Choice
  3. Under Question in the Question Title, type Major
  4. In the Question Text box, type “Please select your major from the list below”
  5. Under Answers, please type in your answer for each option
  6. Click Submit and then Ok in the bottom right

Note for future reference: Although you don’t have any survey results to view today, to view survey results, you would select the edit column arrow for the appropriate column in the Grade Center, and select Attempts Statistics. That provides a summary of the responses based on the percentage of students by question and answer.

Activity 3: Creating an Assignment and a Safe Assignment

Set up an Assignment and a SafeAssignment

Objective: Assignments are set up under the Assessment tab.Students may type in their assignment or upload a file. SafeAssignment is a separate type of assignment, but it creates plagiarism checking that the student and instructor may view.

Step 1

  1. In the Course Menu, select Course Content
  2. Hover over Assessment and click on Assignment
  3. In the Name and Color box, typeImportant Teaching Tips
  4. In the Instructions box, type in Please list important tips for teaching
  5. Under Grading, type in the Points Possibleü Under Availability, check that the assignment is available
  6. Select the number of attempts and click Submit

Step 2

  1. In the Course Menu, select Course Content
  2. Hover over Assessment and click on SafeAssignment
  3. Under Enter Information, type in the Name box “Biking”
  4. Type in Points Possible (20)
  5. In the Instructions box, type “please submit a paper describing biking and reasons it is healthy”
  6. Click Yes to make the assessment available
  7. If you select Draft and Student Viewable, students may check their drafts before final submission and see their own reportsü Click on Submit
  8. Notice that Safe Assignments always have a green checkmark.

Step 3

  1. Return to My Blackboard and select a another course from your group.
  2. Complete the first assignment for someone else in your group.
  3. Upload the workshop file “My Test Paper for SafeAssignment” for someone else’s SafeAssignment in your group then click Submit.
  4. In SafeAssignment to view the report, go back into the SafeAssignment as if you are taking it again. You will see a small text icon to click and see the report with t
    the paper

    .view safe assignment with student view of submission status shown
  5. In the screen below, you will see the paper and report.Safe assign report
  6. By expanding the width of your window or clicking the icon you then will see the Report Panel with additional information on the report.Report Panel

Stretch Your Skill ( optional ) - Self and Peer Assessment

Set up Self and Peer Assessments

Step 1

  1. Return to the course in which you are an instructor
  2. In the Course Menu, click on Course Content
  3. Hover over Assessment and click on Self and Peer Assessment
  4. Under Create New or Import, click on New
  5. Under Assessment Information, type in the Name box “Feedback on Presentations”
  6. In the Instructions box, type “Please complete feedback on two other classmates’ presentations.”

Step 2

  1. Under Self and Peer Evaluation Options, make sure the options are set to No for anonymous, Yes for Self and Yes to see Results
  2. In the Number of Submissions to Evaluate, type in 3
  3. Click on Submit

Step 3

  1. You are now in the Assessment Canvas, click on Create Question
  2. Under Question Information, type in the Question box, “Describe 3 areas that were successful in the presentation and offer ideas for improvement on 3 other areas.”
  3. Model responses may be provided under #3 as well.
  4. Click on Submit

Activity 4: Grading Assessments and Assignments

Reviewing submissions and grades for Assessments

Step 1

  1. Click the small arrow arrowto the left of Grade Center to expand the options
  2. Click Full Grade Center
    grade center menu with full grade center option highlighted
  3. Find the column, Quiz 1
  4. Select by clicking into a student’s grade cell for Quiz 1
    Note: Click on the drop down arrow to see grading options
    • Clicking onView Grade Detailswill let you view all attempts
    • The other option is to click on separate attempts
    • Quick Commentsmay be added here for student or instructor viewing.
      quick comment options highlighted on menu
  5. Click in the grade cell and change the grade value, note the gold triangle that appears in the upper, left corner of the cell
  6. Click on View Grade Details
  7. See the buttons to View Attempt and Clear Attempt

Reviewing submissions and assigning grades for assignments

Step 1

  1. In the Control Panel, click the small arrow next to the Grade Center to expand the options
  2. Select Needs Grading
  3. Click on the User Attempt names to review the submission and assign a point value
  4. Click on Assignment Information to view more detail about the assignment

Step 2

  1. Under Grade Current Attempt, type in a point value for the Grade and provide Feedback to the User, that the student can view with My Grades
  2. Under Instructor Notes, type in any notes about the grade or assignment that should be noted for later reference.