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LON-CAPA has many of the features common to learning management systems (LMS). LON-CAPA’s strength is in its ability to create resources which generate large amounts of randomized problems. These problem types include numerical and text variations. Each student receives a personalized version of a problem with as many attempts at the instructor desires, with immediate feedback and even adaptive feedback capabilities. Graphing tools and simulations are also supported, providing deeper learning beyond numerical and text-based problems.


Faculty Testimonials

photo of Robert Herrick

Robert Herrick

Robert A. Hoffer Distinguished Professor, Electrical Engineering Technology

"Now when you have students working together on a problem, you know that they have to do their own work, because while everyone has the same problem, the variables are different. So they can work together to figure out how to solve the problem, but they won’t have the right answer unless they do their own work."
photo of Owen Davis

Owen Davis

Continuing Lecturer, Mathematics

"There’s no guessing with LON-CAPA. Before, when we had to use multiple choice, you might have a student get eight out of 13 questions right, but you had no idea if they actually knew how to do the math. Now, even if you have a student get three out of 13 right, I know that student knows how to do those three problems."