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About Digital Proctoring at Purdue

Digital proctoring uses assessment functionality in our LMS (Brightspace by D2L) and adds a layer of student identity verification or remote proctoring on top of it. Please review the following definitions and best practices to determine what is best for your use case. In many cases a quiz in Brightspace that uses question pools can be more effective than using a proctored exam. Also, determine if your students can have access to notes, textbooks, or extra time for an exam.

Students must set up a time to take their proctored exams and create a profile with their photo ID. Students must also arrive early to their digital proctoring session virtually to ensure no technical issues may arise.

Purdue currently offers two digital proctoring solutions, Respondus and Examity. Before considering either tool for proctoring, instructors should consider reducing the risk of academic dishonesty by reviewing the best practices below.

Exams and Academic Integrity Considerations

  • Proctored exams offer instructors the benefit of affirming student identity before starting a high-stakes assessment in a large-enrollment course (greater than 50 students).
  • Proctored exams also allow instructors to require a proctor to remotely monitor student assessment progress. While proctors can monitor student behavior during the session, this does not mean that the exam should lack the rigor of a non-proctored exam.
  • Some studies indicate that students perform worse on an assessment when digital or live proctors are used. Also, proctors usually require a fee that adds to the student cost of the course. If you are an instructor of a course using proctoring you are required to include this in your syllabus.
  • Some students may feel uncomfortable with the idea of a new individual watching them through their computer webcam and having to install a new program on their personal computer, this could lead to test anxiety.
  • Some students may have a poor internet connection at home, making the exam more difficult and increasing unnecessary student stress.
  • Question pools, timers, and allowing students access to class materials are some fundamental strategies to redesign an online assessment to not require proctoring.
  • If you think that you would benefit from an assessment redesign, please email to explore more options.
  • Consider alternative forms of assessment: Consider more rigorous or alternative assessments that draw on students' creativity such as developing a product proposal or writing a story. For more information and ideas for how you can assess learning without traditional proctored assessments, contact
  • Use other technologies: Some assessments may need other technologies to assist in providing security or automated screening for academic dishonesty. Purdue offers a wide array of tools to assist with integrity such as testing bank creation or plagiarism/originality checking. To learn more about these alternatives, contact

About Respondus at Purdue

Learn more here.

The university has an unlimited license for Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor, which is considered the first-choice digital proctoring tool. Respondus has no costs for students, instructors, or academic units. Some courses may have needs beyond Respondus, and Examity is available at a cost to the departments. If the Examity third-party tool is required, please see the instructions below. For other suggestions, see the Exams and Academic Integrity Considerations PDF.

About Examity at Purdue

Examity usage for Spring 2022: To use Examity for Spring 2022, the course instructors must consult with their department head. Department Heads or Associate Deans can send requests for Examity to before Tuesday, January 11, 2022. Departments must cover the costs of Examity usage. Please use this template when you submit your request to

Examity Levels of Digital Proctoring

  • Live Premium beginning with Live Authentication, the proctor will follow a strict process of ID verification including photo comparison, challenge questions and a digital signature (measuring keystroke cadence) to verify identity.
  • Live Standard: This modality is entirely unique to Examity and unmatched in the marketplace. It begins with Live Authentication, having a trained human proctor ID verify a student using the same methodology as listed above in Live Premium.
  • Auto Premium: Premium starts with auto authentication, where students will follow simple steps to validate their ID through our multi factor authentication process. Students snap pictures of their ID and face, answer challenge questions and enter a digital signature (measuring keystroke cadence) to verify identity.

Examity Tools for students

Examity for Instructors


Fee per student per exam First hour Additional Hours
Live Premium $12.75 $6.00
Live Standard $11.22 $5.00
Automated Proctoring Premium $6.12 $0.00

24-hour Scheduling: Scheduling in advance of 24 hours of the exam will not incur any fees and there are no scheduling fees for our automated proctoring solution. Live Proctoring, scheduled within 24 hours of an examination, will incur a scheduling fee of $3.00. There are no 24-hour scheduling fees for our automated solution.

Schedule Changes or Cancellations: Schedule changes and cancellations in advance of 24 hours will not incur any fees. There are no scheduling change or cancellation fees for our automated proctoring solution. Any schedule changes (including cancellations) within 24 hours of a Live Proctoring session will result in a $3.00 charge per occurrence. No shows or incompletes for Live Proctoring will be charged in full.

Help services

  • Chat hours: 24/7 on Examity site
  • Email:
  • Phone: 855-Examity (855-392-6489)

Account Manager

Documents from Examity

To take an exam using Examity, you will need the following system requirements:

  • A computer, a camera and microphone. Both built in and external cameras and microphones are acceptable.
  • Internet connection and at least 2 Mbps upload and download speed.
  • Chrome or Firefox internet browser. Examity will only run on these two browsers.
  • Examity System Check

To access Examity

  • Log in to Brightspace and go to your course
  • In desired course, select ____-
  • Click Examity
  • From Examity, you can create and edit your profile, schedule exams, cancel exams and begin exams

Before you can schedule an exam, you will need to complete a user profile:

  • On Examity, select My Profile
  • Enter your time zone. This is so a proctor can be assigned to you at the appropriate time.
  • Use your webcam to take a picture of your government-issued photo ID. Note: For identity verification purposes, you will need to bring this photo ID with you every time you take an exam with Examity.
  • Select and answer three security questions
  • Enter your keystroke biometric signature

To schedule an exam

  • In Examity, clock Schedule Exam
  • From the drop-down menu, select your instructor, course and exam name
  • Selected your preferred date and time. Note: If you are scheduling less than 24 hours in advance to selected testing time, you must select the On-Demand scheduling option and you will be charged an extra fee (listed in above costs)

To take an exam using Examity, you will need the following system requirements:

  • In Examity, click start exam
  • Click Connect to Proctor. You will need to disable your pop-up blocker to connect with proctor.
  • Proctor support will walk you through the authentication process. You will need to
    • Verify identity: Hold your ID in front of webcam so proctor can see both your name and photo
    • Review exam rules
    • Show your workspace and desk with a 360 degree pan with your webcam to show that there are no unauthorized materials
  • Answer security question
  • Type your unique biometric signature from your profile setup
  • Agree to the user agreement and exam rules
  • Click Begin Exam