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College Teaching Development Program: Certificate FAQs

Logistic Questions

To enroll in one of the certificates, please complete the enrollment survey located on the CIE website starting August 1st, 2018. Please note that enrollment is specific to the semester so if you do not complete the certificate during that semester, you will need to enroll again in a different semester.

All deliverables should be submitted on the certificate Blackboard site.

General Questions

No, the two certificates are independent. You can complete either or both in any order.

It is totally up to you! You can complete either or both in any order. There are no restrictions on who can complete the Foundation Certificate. To complete the Practice Certificate, you must have some type of teaching role (which might include any of the following: leading a recitation or lab, holding office hours, grading, holding review sessions, etc.). See the requirements for each certificate for further details.

No, our certificates are not an “official” certificate program offered by the university. However, we encourage you to include the certificates on your CV when applying to positions related to teaching and learning to illustrate your interest and commitment to improving your teaching skills.

Foundations Certificate Questions

In order to complete the Foundations Certificate, you must:

  • Attend all four workshops in the foundational workshop series in a single semester.
  • Complete all reflection questions and surveys at the end of each workshop.
  • Complete an overall guided reflection following completion of the entire series of workshops.

The Foundations Certificate must be completed in a single semester. If you enroll in the certificate but cannot attend all required workshops, you must re-enroll in the certificate in a different semester in order to complete it.

No, our series of workshops is created such that each workshop builds on the others. If you cannot attend all of the required workshops this semester, you must wait until the next semester in order to participate in the program.

No, because the workshops are designed to create a community and build on each other, you must complete all workshops in the same semester. Even if you have attended several of the workshops in a previous semester, you must attend all four workshops during the semester in which you complete the Foundations Certificate.

No, since the series of workshops always includes the same basic topics, you can only complete the Foundations Certificate once.

Practice Certificate Questions

In order to complete the Practice Certificate, you must:

  • Submit a proposal (using the provided template) prior to the week before the semester begins.
  • Read and summarize several scholarly articles related to your topic.
  • Meet with a mentor at least three times during the semester to discuss your topic.
  • Apply what you have learned to your teaching.
  • Complete a guided reflection (using the provided template) on your experience dealing with your challenge/opportunity this semester.

Please see the Blackboard site for templates for the proposal and guided reflection.

The Practice Certificate must be completed in a single semester. In order to complete the certificate, you must submit your proposal by the end of the first week of the semester and you must turn in your final guided reflection by the end of semester.

Yes! The Practice Certificate is designed so that you will be focusing on a specific topic or emphasis. You are welcome to enroll in the certificate each semester that you have some sort of teaching role, as long as you pick a different emphasis to investigate.

The topic is largely up to you, but there are many themes found throughout literature on teaching and learning that you may wish to address, including:

  • Documenting evidence of learning.
  • Building meaningful relationships with students.
  • Giving effective and supportive feedback.
  • Creating an inclusive environment in the classroom.
  • Providing supplemental materials to assist students with difficult topics.