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Introducing the Teaching and Learning Community of Practice (TLCoP)

Starting in fall 2021, Purdue West Lafayette instructors can join the Teaching and Learning Community of Practice (TLCoP) — pronounced "teel-cop"— a newly formed community dedicated to exploration, discussion, and creation that improves teaching and learning at Purdue.

While resources exist across campus for instructors to learn more about teaching or to refine their pedagogical practice, TLCoP serves an important peer learning opportunity for Purdue instructors who are passionate about teaching. TLCoP meetings offer instructors the unique opportunity to come together in an ongoing, flexible, and supportive environment to engage in conversation about a range of teaching and learning issues. In conversation with other instructors from across a range of disciplines, at various stages in their academic careers, and with different kinds of experiences in the classroom, instructors will collectively explore new pedagogical ideas and strategies that they can incorporate into their courses. If you have attended ALCoP meetings in the past, you will find TLCoP to similarly focus on exploring relevant pedagogical issues in a communal setting.

TLCoP's inaugural faculty facilitator is Dr. Lindsay Hamm, lecturer in the Department of Sociology and 2021 Excellence in Instruction Award for Lecturers winner. Hamm typically teaches large-enrollment sociology courses for early-year undergraduate students. In her eight years as an instructor, Hamm has found numerous ways to create student-centered classes:

  • facilitating in-person and online discussions and collaborative work
  • effectively leading important conversations about race, class, and gender
  • encouraging students to become effective and purposeful users of different kinds of information they will encounter online.
As TLCoP's faculty facilitator, Hamm hopes to share the innovative tools Purdue community members are currently developing and to advance conversations about how we can grow as educators from our pandemic teaching experiences.

Lindsay Hamm, lecturer, Department of Sociology

TLCoP is organized by Purdue's Innovative Learning Team, including Purdue Online, the Center for Instructional Excellence, the Purdue University Libraries and School of Information Studies, and the Envision Center. Staff members from each of these teams make up the planning committee and lend expertise in pedagogy, educational technologies, information and research support, as well as augmented and virtual reality in the classroom. These committee members are available to advise instructors on additional resources and relevant services related to TLCoP meetings.

TLCoP will host three 60-minute meetings each semester during the academic year. The Fall 2021 schedule will feature the following topics:

Meeting 1: What is our new normal? Leveraging insights from teaching during a pandemic
Thursday, Sept. 9. 3-4 p.m. in STEW 320
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Description: The past year and a half has ushered in many changes to the ways we think about, approach, and carry out our teaching. As we begin another fall semester of teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic, it's important to take stock of what has happened since the start of the pandemic and begin to use insights we've gained to inform our teaching this semester and into the future. Join us for TLCoP's inaugural meeting to reflect on your own experiences, hear from others, and explore what the "new normal" for teaching and learning may look like at Purdue.

Meeting 2: Making space for all learners: Exploring different approaches to hyflex instruction
Thursday, Sept. 30, 10-11 a.m. in WALC 1121
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Description: This session will explore the various reasons for and means of implementing hyflex instruction. It will provide a space to brainstorm and exchange pedagogical ideas with others, not a place where instructors are told what to do regarding hyflex instruction. Instructors will have the opportunity to discuss affordances of hyflex pedagogy with other instructors from across campus, identify parameters for hyflex in the context of their own courses, and brainstorm various techniques for implementing hyflex pedagogy.

Meeting 3: AI in Support of the Curriculum (Online event)
Tuesday, Oct. 19, 10:30-11:30 a.m.
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Description: The Transformative Education 2.0 Project Enhancing Student Learning and Classroom Engagement at Scale seeks to find innovative ways for instructors to create and apply technology and pedagogy in support of residential student learning and the curriculum. Innovation College is funding several projects related to this initiative that aim to more effectively assess, adapt, and personalize student learning through use of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality. This TLCoP meeting will spotlight a few of these funded projects and offer attendees opportunities to explore how innovative technologies can be incorporated into their courses (speakers to be announced closer to the event).

Meeting 4: Debriefing the semester: Lessons Learned and Brainstorming Our Spring Semester
Thursday, Dec. 9, 3-4 p.m. in STEW 320
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Description: Join us for TLCoP's final meeting for the fall semester to debrief the semester in an informal, supportive community of passionate instructors. In addition to identifying lessons learned and successes from the fall semester, attending instructors will share their plans for teaching in the spring semester.

Please consider joining the TLCoP this fall! As a community of practice, TLCoP is open to any instructors who wish to learn more about teaching and learning and to those who wish to share their experiences with others. Graduate students, faculty, instructional support staff, or anyone who is passionate about teaching is welcome to attend any and all meetings. We're thrilled to have you and to learn from one another!

For any questions, please reach out to TLCoP's staff facilitator, Rachel Fundator.

Meet the TLCoP Team
Lindsay Hamm, Faculty Facilitator and Lecturer in the Department of Sociology
Rachel Fundator, Staff Facilitator and Information Literacy Instructional Designer, LSIS
Karen Neubauer, Assistant Director for Special Projects, CIE
Ada Uche, Senior Instructional Developer, CIE
Amy Haston, Educational Technology Consultant, Purdue Online
Kate Kozikowski, Educational Technology Advisor, Purdue Online
Maddisen Sharpe, UX Designer, Purdue Envision Center and master's student in User Experience (UX)