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Digital Badges - PUPIL

What is Passport?

Passport is a tool that instructors and staff can use to create and award digital badges. Students may also independently document, reflect and provide evidence of their curricular and non-curricular intercultural learning assignments or activities. Students earn badges by completing challenges. The required work to complete each challenge is called a task, examples are: submitting documents, links to websites or media, and passing quizzes. Once students have successfully completed all of the tasks within a challenge, Passport automatically awards them a digital badge that can be shared.

You can access Passport here.

What is PUPIL?

PUPIL is “Purdue University's Passport to Intercultural Learning” and is a specific application of Passport designed for students to document their intercultural learning as defined by the attitudes, skills and knowledge of the in the Association of American Colleges & Universities Intercultural Knowledge and Competence VALUE Rubric.

PUPIL is available to Purdue instructors or staff to facilitate and to document intercultural learning of Purdue students. Please contact Chuck Calahan at if you are interested in adapting PUPIL

PUPIL Intro - Prezi

PUPIL intro - PPT download

*To enjoy the Prezi, enable audio and allow it to play on full screen. To enjoy the PowerPoint presentation, select "Enable Editing" and/or "Enable Content" and view on slide-show mode with a working internet connection.