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Early Feedback: Improve Student Learning and Teacher Satisfaction

Research has shown that collecting and responding to student feedback early in the semester significantly improves teaching and helps to motivate and engage students.

Through Small Group Instructional Diagnoses (SGID), our consultants have helped instructors at Purdue collect, interpret, and respond to meaningful student feedback for decades. If you would like to pursue alternative approaches to collecting feedback, we have provided detailed guidelines and suggestions in the document to the left. We are available to consult with you regarding what methods would best fit your needs. To request a consultation, email us at

Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID): Gather students feedback impartially

Research has shown that collecting and responding to student feedback in the middle of the semester offers instructors a productive way to improve their teaching, and encourages students to invest in their own learning process. For over three decades, Purdue has been conducting Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID) consultations, as a means of identifying both what is working well and class elements that can be improved, using the following process:

  1. Pre-SGID consultation: CIE staff members meet with you to learn about your course and teaching goals.
  2. 20-minute focus group: Either at the beginning or end of a class session, two staff members work with your students to come to consensus regarding two questions:
    • What about the environment, activities, and structure of this course are helping your learning?
    • What specific suggestions do you have for changing the environment, activities, or structure of the course to better help your learning?
  3. Soon after the focus group, CIE staff members share with you the results in a confidential consultation, in which they can help you plan next steps for the class.
  4. In the following class session, you discuss these results and your plans with the students.

To schedule an SGID, complete and submit the form here.

  • SGIDs are generally conducted between Weeks 5 and 10 of the semester.
  • Please submit your SGID request two weeks in advance.
  • We respond to requests within 48 hours. If you do not hear back within that time, please email
SGID Request Form

For more information, please check out the following document(s):
Guidelines and steps for conducting early feedback (.pdf)