Online Undergraduate Course Launch Process

1 Exploratory

Weeks 0-11

2 Internal Approval

Weeks 12-15

3 Pre-Launch Prep

Weeks 16-45+

4 Launch & Continuous Support

Weeks 25-45+

4. Launch & Continuous Support (Weeks 25-45+)
(All times are approximate. This timeline represents the best case scenario.)

Week 38-45+
Steps: Identify who will teach or facilitate the course(s)Identify start date(s) for the course(s)Deliver/teach/facilitate the course(s) Questions to Consider: Teaching Identify current faculty and staff resources.If your program scales, how will you support instruction? Will you consider hiring LTL or
Week 38-45+
Week 25-45+
Questions to Consider: Data Entry and Collection Will you collect the following data? If so, how? (career/job data of current students and graduates, student touch/contact data, internship/clinical data, student feedback/satisfaction, voluntary drop reasons, applications/admissions) Ensure students have appropriate attribute and
Week 25-45+