Online Undergraduate Course Launch Process

1 Course Development Discussion

Weeks 0-11

2 Course Development Contract

Weeks 12-15

3 Course Development Process

Weeks 16-45+

4 Course Delivery and Instructional Support

Weeks 38-45+

Purdue Online and the ITaP Instructional Design team provide consultation and training to Purdue instructors interested in developing online versions of courses. The Undergraduate Online Course Development Program funds the transformation of selected face-to-face courses to an online format, provides training and support, and follows up with research and assessment focused on how the online environment supports student success. It is expected that courses developed under this program will be offered at least three times. Purdue Online provides some limited subsidies for instructional costs for some courses developed through the Online Course Development Program.

Course Development Discussion (Weeks 0-11)
(All times are approximate. This timeline represents the best case scenario.)

Week 0-11

Project Discussion

Purdue Online will reach out to Department Heads to arrange meetings to discuss undergraduate courses to develop online. Department Heads can also contact Ryne Kerchner ( with interest in developing online courses. The UG Online Course Development program utilizes a data-driven approach to course selection. Courses of interest to develop…

Week 0-11