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Faculty Advisory Committee

In Spring 2013, Purdue Online (PO) created the Online Learning Faculty Advisory Committee. As our portfolio of online courses grows, it is critical that PO partners with faculty to help us make online courses and policies decisions as well as assisting us to recognize the outstanding work of our instructors.

Committee Responsibilities

With the help of PO administrators and ITaP Instructional Designers, the Faculty Advisory Committee assists PO staff in:

  1. Reviewing course proposals and selecting courses during the fall to be developed during the summer and spring of each year.
  2. Reviewing nominations for faculty and course recognitions once a year during the spring.
  3. Participating in discussions considering online education policy issues.

We anticipate that the faculty participating in the advisory committee will spend 5 hours during the fall reviewing proposals and selecting courses and 3 hours during the spring reviewing nominations for faculty and course recognition. Advising PO on policy issues will be on an as-needed basis; we expect it will require no more than 10 hours per semester. Most meetings will be hosted on WebEx to facilitate the committee’s interaction. The term for this appointment will be three years.


The faculty advisory committee consists of 3 – 5 faculty members. This rotation of faculty members will create the opportunity to bring different perspectives to the process from several departments around campus. It will also allow new faculty members to learn more about online education and have a network of experts in the subject of online learning.

Atsushi Fukada

Professor of Japanese and Linguistics

Kimberly P. Kinzig

Associate Professor of Psychological Sciences

Jennifer Richardson

Professor, LDT, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Wen-Wen Tung

Associate Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Natasha Watkins

Clinical Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family Studies