Online Non-Credit Program Launch Process



1 Exploratory

Month 1

2 Internal Approval

Months 1-2

3 Execution & Implementation

Months 2-5

4 Launch & Continuous Support

Months 3-5

2. Internal Approval (Months 2-5)
(All times are approximate. This timeline represents the best case scenario.)

Week 4-5
Steps: The assigned program coordinator from Purdue Online will create a budget including:Enrollment estimatesExpensesRevenueThe department usually has an estimated price to charge students.The program coordinator will also complete a letter of agreement.Upon completion of the budget, it is submitted to
Week 4-5
Week 1-5
Steps: If the department decides to use a 3rd party vendor, procurement will review the agreement received by the vendor. The department head and/or dean and the executive director of Purdue Online sign the agreement. Procurement signs the agreement on
Week 1-5
Week 3-5
Steps: Determine the number of courses. If only one course, go directly to course development. If two or more courses, proceed. Lead faculty will design the curriculum for the program including overarching program objectives and the individual course components. (See
Week 3-5