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Online Non-Credit Program Launch Process

1. Exploratory Phase (Month 1)

(All times are approximate. This timeline represents the best case scenario.)

  • Week 0-2*
    Notice of Intent & Market Research

    *If program is faculty driven, allow an additional 6-8 weeks for market research.

    Please click on the links below to learn more about the first couple of steps in the exploratory phase. If this program is faculty driven, the first step will be to submit a notice of intent. If following a market research driven initiative, the first step is taken by the Purdue Online office, which will be providing market research to all deans and chancellors quarterly.

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  • Week 2
    Online Portfolio Management


    1. Purdue Online makes recommendation to the Provost Committee based off pre-proposals, market research, and knowledge of the existing book of online business.
    2. Provost Committee will review the recommendation based on:
      1. Market research: enrollment projections, pricing, and market positioning
      2. Academic department: faculty initiated programs versus market driven
      3. Evaluation of online portfolio
    3. Provost Committee will resolve conflicts as they arise (market conflicts between campuses/programs, conflicts between offering departments).
    4. Provost Committee will make the final decision on how to proceed:
      1. Should we launch the proposed program?
      2. Who should launch the proposed program (campus/college/department)?

    Questions to Consider:

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  • Week 2
    Project Discussion


    The department head, faculty, and launch director will meet to discuss the timeline and process for launching the online program.

    Note: If the online program is faculty initiated, this meeting will occur twice; once at the outset and once after the marketing, pre-proposal, and online portfolio management steps.

    Faculty and staff who are wanting to develop non-credit courses that also offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) should be aware of the Policy and the process to submit the form 200 and form 201. This process enables Purdue Online to establish the CEUs for the course and then process and record them once they have been successfully earned by learners.

    Who is Involved:

    Faculty (Initiator)
    Purdue Online (Collaborator)

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