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Online Graduate Course Launch Process

1. Exploratory Phase (Weeks 0-4)

(All times are approximate. This timeline represents the best case scenario.)

  • Week 0-2*
    Notice of Intent & Market Research

    *If program is faculty driven, allow an additional 6-8 weeks for market research.

    Please click on the links below to learn more about the first couple of steps in the exploratory phase. If this program is faculty driven, the first step will be to submit a notice of intent. If following a market research driven initiative, the first step is taken by the Purdue Online office, which will be providing market research to all deans and chancellors quarterly.

    Read More for Market Research Driven >

    Read More for Faculty Driven >

  • Week 3-4
    Online Portfolio Management


    Once a Notice of Intent has been submitted, the information provided will be submitted into the Online Portfolio Management site. If there are opportunities for collaboration, the proposers will be contacted to start discussions.

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  • Week 4
    Project Discussion


    The department head, faculty, and launch director will meet to discuss the timeline and process for launching the online program.

    Who is Involved:

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