Job Posting

Job Position: Superintendent
Agency: Starke County

General Description

The Highway Superintendent is responsible for overseeing and directing all departmental operations and personnel.

Essential Job Function

  • Duties include but are not limited to:
  • Plans, assigns and directs manpower and material resources to maintain all county roads, bridges, culverts, signage and rights-of-way in a clear manner and to ensure the safety of users during routine and emergency circumstances.
  • Uses asset management principles to manage the department’s seven asset categories in accordance with Indiana requirements
  • Receives and investigates complaints from county residents regarding but not limited to road repairs, drainage problems and bridge conditions and initiates appropriate action to resolve valid complaints.
  • Prepares annual budget request, including manpower, equipment and supply needs, and submits to County Commissioners; provides information and defends budget request to County Commissioners and Council; and administers budget upon approval.
  • Obtains necessary information and composes and develops specifications for county road and bridge projects and purchase of equipment and materials.
  • Oversees and approves acquisition, assignment and maintenance of department equipment and determines whether such equipment should be leased or purchased.
  • Supervises and ensures proper use, storage and inventory control of department materials and supplies.
  • Provides technical assistance and information to developers, builders, utility companies and property owners regarding entrance and exit right-of-way road construction and repair standards.
  • Oversees and supervises the hiring, training and discipline of department employees and regularly evaluates employee performance.
  • Prepares and submits reports of department activities and progress to federal, state and local agencies as various projects require.
  • Maintains continual contact with local news media regarding road conditions and closings

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Job Position: Highway & Facilities Engineer  
Agency: Boone County

Boone County is seeking a Highway and Facilities Engineer to provide long-range countywide asset management plans for facilities, roads, and bridges. The incumbent will perform engineering and project management work functions for Boone County and will be responsible for developing and maintaining long-range countywide asset management plans for facilities, roads, and bridges. The program of proposed projects must cover a period of at least five (5) years. The incumbent will also be responsible for managing federal and state aid projects.

This individual will recommend policies, priorities, and procedures to the Directors of Highways and Capital Investment, provide project costs and assist with field reviews of construction sites as necessary.

Additional responsibilities will include review and oversight of private development projects, engineering consultants, including reviewing and recommending plan modifications, inspecting and recommending acceptance of road improvements by developers, and reviewing and recommending release of performance and maintenance sureties for subdivision infrastructure.

Applicants must possess or be capable of obtaining a valid LPA Employee of Responsible Charge (ERC) Certification, a thorough knowledge of and ability to ensure compliance with relevant federal, state, and local specifications and standards regarding roads and bridges and ability to plan, prioritize and direct related projects.

Experience applying for or dealing with Federal or State funding of projects, including Community Crossings grants, FHWA grants and reimbursements and FEMA grants and reimbursements are also necessary.

Salary will be commensurate with experience and education.

Applicants should forward a resume to: Kaylee Jessie, Boone County Commissioners Office, 116 W. Washington Street, Lebanon, IN 46052

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