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From INhome to YOURhome.

Purdue University's INhome earned a 2nd place finish at the 2011 Solar Decathlon!

View a Time Lapse Video of the House's Construction!:


Photo of the Purdue INhome Team

Starting in 2009, a dedicated team of Purdue University students started working towards the goal of competing in the United States Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon, a high profile international competition where 20 collegiate teams design, build, and demonstrate solar powered houses. While the competitive aspect of the Solar Decathlon was exciting, the real goal was to educate college students and the general public about sustainable communities. The competition was held in on the National Mall in Washington D.C. from September 23 to October 2, 2011.

The INhome finished in 2nd place overall during the competition, which consisted of 10 individual contests: architecture, market appeal, engineering, communications, affordability, comfort zone, hot water, appliances, home entertainment, and energy balance. In addition to the contests, the INhome was open to the public for tours and hosted more than 18,000 guests during its stay in our nation's capital.

For more information on the 2011 competition, please visit the Department of Energy's 2011 solar decathlon website:

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    Electric Consumer Online, 03.20.12 Journal and Courier, 04.01.12 Exponent Video, 08.30.11 WFLI, 08.29.11 J & C, 08.27.11 Lafayette Mag, 08.17.11 (PDF)
    Image of ElectricConsumer Online Journal and Courier April 2012.pdf Image of Exponent Artical about INhome 08/30/11 Image of WFLI Article 08/29/2011 Image of Purdue News Room Image of Lafayette Mag
    WFLI, 08.08.11 Times of NW Indiana, 01.29.12 Ingersoll Rand, 07.15.11 (PDF) Purdue News, 06.27.11 WLFI 18 News, 06.17.11 Difference Makers, 06.01.11
    Image of WFLI Release 08/08/2011 Image of NW Indiana Times Image of Ingersoll Rand Press Release 07/15/2011 Image of Purdue News Room Image of WLFI 18 News Image of Purdue University: Difference Makers
  • Student Team

    "This project has been an amazing experience! It has brought students together from all across campus to work on a project where everyone's input is critical to achieving success. Not only have we as students designed and created an incredible home, but we've also learned how to communicate and work with others outside our colleges and areas of expertise, which has been a valuable opportunity to grow."- Matt Hebdon, Structural Engineer

    "The Solar Decathlon is teaching, encouraging, and training an intelligent and proactive group of future professionals. Adapting to live with different forms of energy is essential. This new way of life can come from increasing high costs of electricity or passionate pleas to save the environment. Whatever reason is the cause, it is necessary to prepare for a new way of living. It is possible and can be done through projects just like the Solar Decathlon." – Jordan Wallpe, Engineering Manager

    General Public

    YouTube- Interview with a general audience member
    YouTube- Purdue INhome, Hope in the Future-
    YouTube- Purdue INhome, Impressive Design-
    YouTube- Purdue INhome, Practical Design-

    "I've always said I wanted to have a house like this and I've done a lot of research into it myself, in terms of what techniques and systems I would use in my own house and this definitely used a lot of them." -attendant from Inhome public tour August 26th

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    June 2011 Newsletter (PDF)

    July 2011 Newsletter (PDF)

    Aug 2011 Newsletter (PDF)

    Image of INhome's May 2011 Newsletter Image of INhome's June 2011 Newsletter Image of INhome's July 2011 Newsletter Image of INhome's August 2011 Newsletter
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  • Image of INhome

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    Cover liquids and wrap foods stored in the refrigerator. Uncovered foods release moisture and make the compressor work harder.

  • Architecture Engineering Marketing Walkthrough
    Link to Architecture Video Link to Engineering Video Link to Marketing Video Link to Walkthrough of Inhome Video
  • The College of Technology is pursuing several new opportunities for designing and building net zero energy homes in the greater Lafayette area. More information will be posted here as it becomes available.

    INhome's Final Location

  • The INhome was rebuilt in Lafayette’s Chatham Square neighborhood and sold. The homeowners may decide to show the house to the public at times.

    INhome's Final Location

  • The home will be monitored for 5 years after occupancy to assess whether the home achieves net zero energy, which means that the solar panels produce more electricity than the home consumes on an annual basis.

    INhome's Final Location


If you have any additional questions, then please contact the following individuals:

Photo of the Purdue INhome Team with Secretary Chu

Construction Manager
Eric Holt

Faculty Advisor
William Hutzel

Purdue University
Knoy Hall, Room 107
401 North Grant St.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2021