Site Educator's Evaluation

Name ______________________________________
Site ________________________________________
Date __________      Number of Participants ________
  1. Technical Quality of broadcast
    Video           Excellent        5        4        3        2        1        Poor
    Audio           Excellent        5        4        3        2        1        Poor


  2. Did the site equipment function well?        ___ yes        ___ no
    If not, what difficulties did you experience?

  3. Did the Site Educator's Handbook adequately prepare you for your role in facilitating the video conference workshop?        ___ yes       ___ no

    What was most helpful?

    What would have been helpful that you didn't have?

  4. Did the Site Activity Guide adequately prepare you to facilitate site activities?
    ___ yes       ___ no        ___ didn't do site activities

    What was most helpful?

    What would have been helpful that you didn't have?

    If you did not do site activities, why?

  5. How was the video portion of the teleconference received by the participants?
    ___ Very well, the audience was actively listening.
    ___ Well, the audience paid attention.
    ___ Not well, the audience was not involved.
    ___ Badly, the audience did not pay attention.

  6. How were the site activities received by the participants?
    ___ Very well, there was active involvement.
    ___ Well, people were involved.
    ___ Not Well, people were not involved.
    ___ Badly, people didn't like them.

  7. Please check those activities that you did at your site and indicate which activity was best
    received (Mark "B") and which was least well received (Mark "L").
    ___ What's for Lunch?
    ___ What Am I?
    ___ Changing Places
    ___ Is It Safe?

  8. Did you have any difficulty calling in, faxing, or e-mailing questions?
    ___ yes       ___ no
    If yes, what was the problem? Was it resolved?

  9. Please provide general comments that would help us plan future remote learning

Please return to:
Willie Burgess
Department of Foods and Nutrition
Purdue University
1264 Stone Hall
West Lafayette, IN 47907-1264

Attention Emergency Food Organizations

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