Safe Food For the Hungry II

Satallite Videoconference

Site Materials

Presented by the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service with funding from the Indiana State Division of Family and Children

Below please find the site materials for the October 12 videoconference. Site educators should download all materials and duplicate the participant's materials for each participant at your site. Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files are also available for the Site Educator's Guide. If you do not have the Acrobat Reader program, it is available free from Adobe.

Site Educator's Guide

Learning Center Activities

Part 1: Food Safety Part 2: Nutrition Part 3: Volunteer Management Group Activities

Participant's Workbook

Posters and Games

  1. Frozen Foods
  2. Refrigerated Foods
  3. Shelf Stable Foods
  4. When in Doubt, Throw It Out
  5. Most Wanted: E.Coli
  6. Most Wanted: Salmonella
  7. Most Wanted: Clostridium perfringens
  8. Most Wanted: Staphylococcus aureus
  9. Defuse Food Poisoning
  10. HACCP
  11. Wash Your Hands
  12. What's Driving Your Volunteer Program?
  14. Are You Gambling with Volunteer-Related Risks?
  15. Serious Can Defects
  16. Serious Jar Defects
  17. Don't Give Bugs a Free Ride!
  18. Keep It Cold, Keep It Hot, Keep It Clean
  19. Put the Brakes on Food Poisoning
  20. Safe Food Safari Game Board (Tile 1)
  21. Safe Food Safari Game Board (Tile 2)
  22. Safe Food Safari Game Board (Tile 3)

Miscellaneous Materials

Attention Emergency Food Organizations

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Dates, times and locations of the mobiles in Hamilton Co for June and July

Date Time
June 5 Noblesville Hamilton County Fairgrounds 2003 Pleasant Street Noblesville 10a-12noon
June 12 Hamilton Heights High School 25802 State Rd 19 Arcadia 4p-6p
June 19 Sheridan Marian Adan High School 2024185 Hensley Rd Sheridan 4p-6p
July 10 Noblesville Hamilton County Fairgrounds 10a-12noon
Hamilton Heights High School 25802 State Rd 19 Arcadia 4p-6p
July 24 Sheridan Marian Adan High School 2024185 Hensley Rd Sheridan 4p-6p
Check out our NEW Indian themed food demonstration videos in the video library! Michelle Singleton, Purdue University Registered Dietitian and Assistant Director of Nutrition Education Program at the Co-Recreational Center, created a video on how to prepare newsletter recipes, Comfort Foods Redesigned: Spinach Mac & Cheese. Enjoy!

Did you miss the last IEFRN webinar about using the database and its resources? Review the recording here.

Curious about Food Policy Councils? This Purdue article by Dr. Heather A. Eicher-Miller and Briana Eicher examines the background, opportunities, and policy implications.

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