Safe Food for the Hungry -- II

Pretest and Posttest Questionnaire

Please read the situations that follow and choose the answer you think is most appropriate. Please mark your choice on the answer sheet. The information we obtain with this questionnaire will help us determine the effectiveness of Safe Food for the Hungry - II. Thank you for your help in assessing this program.
  1. The shipment of canned meat at the pantry is delayed this week. You want to give out high protein food, but are wondering what would be a good meat substitute. Which of the following would fill that need in the pantry bag?
    1. Peanut Butter
    2. Potato buds
    3. Macaroni
    4. Rice

  2. Your food bank received a large shipment of Snapple. Which
       food group does this fit in the Food Guide Pyramid?
    1. Fruit
    2. Vegetable
    3. Meat
    4. Dairy
    5. Pyramid tip (fats, oils, and sweets)

  3. What is contained in Fruits and vegetables that make them
       so important that we recommend 5-a-day for better health?
    1. Fiber
    2. Vitamins
    3. Minerals
    4. Protein
    5. Answers a, b, & c

  4. You have received a large donation of hot cooked chicken
       from the Holiday Inn. How should you store it if you want to
       use it tomorrow at your soup kitchen?
    1. Store it in insulated containers in the walk-in
    2. Package in small refrigerator storage containers and
      refrigerate promptly.
    3. Put all the chicken in the walk-in refrigerator in one
    4. Let the chicken cool to room temperature overnight.
    5. Discard the chicken because it is unsafe to use.

  5. Three of your new soup kitchen volunteers show up for
       their work time with runny noses and coughing. What should
       you do?
    1. Give them plastic gloves and let them serve food.
    2. Ask them to work outside the kitchen area today.
    3. Allow them to stir food and stay out of guests' view.
    4. Send them away until they feel better.

  6. You have received a large donation of food from the Mail
    Carrier's food drive. You have a volunteer who is 73 and
    suffers from a heart condition. He wants to help, but the
    warehouse is hot and very crowded. What do you do with your
    1. Encourage him to work as hard as he can in the hot
    2. Ask him to come back when the warehouse is cooler.
    3. Find some office work that really needs to be done and
      where he can stay cool and comfortable.
    4. Tell him to pace himself and cross your fingers.

  7. What are the critical food safety control points in a food
    1. Personnel
    2. Incoming food
    3. Refrigerators and freezers
    4. Storage areas
    5. All of the above

Questionnaire Answer Sheet

  1. a      b      c      d
  2. a      b      c      d     e
  3. a      b      c      d     e
  4. a      b      c      d     e
  5. a      b      c      d
  6. a      b      c      d
  7. a      b      c      d     e

  1. a      b      c      d
  2. a      b      c      d     e
  3. a      b      c      d     e
  4. a      b      c      d     e
  5. a      b      c      d
  6. a      b      c      d
  7. a      b      c      d     e

Answer Key:
  1. a
  2. e
  3. e
  4. b
  5. b
  6. c
  7. e

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Department of Foods and Nutrition
Purdue University
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