Food Safety Webinar, Friday, May 14, 2010

Purpose: The food safety webinar will provide Indiana emergency food programs continuing education on protecting the quality of food and food safety for their clients.

Speaker: Dr. Rich Linton, Associate Director of the Agriculture Research Program and Professor of Food Science at Purdue University

On-site Expert: A. Scott Gilliam, MBA, CP-FS, Director of the Food Protection Program, Indiana State Department of Health.

After the food safety webinar, emergency food program participants will be able to:
o Identify proper food handling and storage techniques.
o Recognize the meaning of different food package dates.

Instructions: To view the recorded webinar, connect to the Internet and type in the following address, click here:

Note: Make sure you have your computer speakers on and up so you can hear the webinar.
1. To download handouts for the webinar, click here: Webinar Handout
2. To download a list of questions and answers from the webinar, click here: Download Q&A

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