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February Newsletter Available!

The February 2015 newsletter provides information about how protein is important to health and what are good daily sources of protein. The Food Safety segment has information about the Top 5 Kitchen Mistakes. The Eating Right section includes time-savings tips and includes a recipe that has an accompanying NEW food demonstration video. Finally, the back page has information about Community Harvest Food Bank's blanching project. Also check out our February Educational Insert, Nutrition for all ages.

Fresh Food Safety Webinar

  • Tuesday, April 17, 2012
  • 10:00 to 11:15 am EDT
Topic: The fresh food safety webinar will provide Indiana emergency food programs continuing education on protecting the quality of fresh food safety for their clients.

Speaker: Aaron Pleitner, food safety expert at Purdue University

Instructions: To view the recorded webinar, connect to the Internet and type in the following address, click here: https://gomeet.itap.purdue.edu/p22288462/ Note: Make sure you have your computer speakers on and up so you can hear the webinar.

Webinar Slides: Fresh Food Safety Webinar 2012

Certificate of Completion: Webinar Certificate 2012

Attention Emergency Food Organizations

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Check out our NEW food demonstration video in the video library! Megan Grassl, Purdue University Undergraduate Dietetics and Nutrition Student, created a video on how to prepare a newsletter recipe, Cheesy Salmon Pasta. Enjoy!

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